In this month we Indians are celebrating our 75 years of Independence. It is time to examine the real nature of freedom. Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains, so goes the saying. The long history of human race bears witness to the fact that freedom of choice is the fundamental bounty Almighty Allah has granted to man. Both ways have been shown to him. The freedom to do good or indulge in evil and rebellion. In fact, the very purpose of life is to test man whether he realises this truth and submits to God or rebels and goes against His Will.

The reality also includes the fact that man is not his own creator. The Creator of the universe has created him and allowed him to stay in the world for a period which the Almighty decides. Man’s success lies in accepting the overlordship of his Creator and follow the commandments of God.

We will borrow a phrase from Arun Shourie. The title of his book is “Worshipping False Gods”. Unfortunately, a majority of people have, through all ages, fallen victim to the false gods. Man’s own personality or his rebellious nature becomes a false god. Then megalomaniac dictators, kings and misleading leaders also become gods or demi-gods. We have a plethora of persons who claimed godship for themselves like Nimrud, Pharaoh and others. Some people claim godship or their overzealous followers make them gods.

The real success of man lies in acknowledging the authority of God, His plan for our life, and the abode of bliss, Hereafter, our final destination. Accordingly, we have to adopt His prescribed code of conduct in this world and desist from worshipping false gods, either in the shape of imaginary personalities or in flesh and blood.

This is the real freedom which we need, our country needs, and the whole mankind needs. Let us, 140 crore Indians try to achieve this freedom of thought and action for our country and the whole mankind. Our Lord! Guide us to take ourselves and our dear country on this path of real freedom.

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