Overall failure of the ruling party on almost all fronts and its misadventures recently in Lakhimpur Kheri and other places have alienated its vote bank in Hindu majority. It has alarmed it that its end may be near. Add to it its lack of sensitivity on anti-farmer farm laws. The farmers of several states are agitating peacefully for about 11 months. They had to face the harsh winter and a cruel summer. More than 700 farmers laid down their lives for their just cause. This has enraged the entire farmer population of the country.

Now as a last resort the ruling dispensation has decided to play the Hindu-Muslim card. The anti-Muslim demonstrations and unprovoked attacks on Muslim localities and mosques in Tripura are a manifestation of this policy. BJP government in Tripura was in denial mode for over a week. However it accepted its failure in restraining the communal elements only when there was international condemnation of the lack of action in Tripura.

Take another case. Gurugram in NRC is a sprawling new settlement. Its population is estimated to be 30 lakhs. Most of Muslim habitants there are poor migrants and labourers. The succeeding governments which developed the colonies never cared for providing plots for mosques which is a religious and social requirement of a big section of Indian citizens. Before the onslaught of Covid-19, in 2018 the administration had earmarked more than 100 empty spaces for Friday prayers. The communal elements provoked Hindu brothers to oppose the Friday congregations. During Covid pandemic no public congregations were held. After the end of pandemic the administration reduced the number of allotted spaces to 37. The troublemakers opposed this and created troubles at several places. Recently seven allotted spaces have been cancelled and the total spaces have come down to less than 30.

The Muslims, most of whom are poor, do not mean to give any trouble to their Hindu brethren in any way. After all they are congregating for Friday prayers which is the most important once-a-week collective prayer. The troublemakers celebrated the snatching of space in Sector 12A of Gurugram and organised Govardhan puja at the same place on November 5. It is very unfortunate that at the behest of the ruling party Muslims are being treated as second class citizens and they are being forced to ghettoise themselves.

It is time that broadminded Hindus, who are still in overwhelming majority, must stand up for justice, fair play, mutual respect, and equality of all religious communities. Hinduism should not be allowed to be hijacked by narrowminded politicians who accuse Muslims of all sorts of misdeeds. There are the people who make false hate-filled propaganda against Muslims who are one-seventh of India’s population. They have prepared a big dictionary of terms like lover jihad, land jihad, narcotic jihad, namaz jihad, etc. etc. They are trying to create a Frankenstein which would finally turn against its creators. One who digs a well for others would himself fall into it. Now it is against Muslims, then it would be against Christians, Dalits and others. This madness should be stopped now and here. Otherwise they will certainly destroy this great country. These elements are the real ‘tukde, tukde gangs’.

India’s salvation, here and in the hereafter, lies in love, respect, cooperation, peace and amity. It is imperative that all well-wishers of the country should join hands in defeating the hatemongers.

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