By Sikandar Azam

The Qur’ān presents a vivid portrayal of the Day of Judgement. That Day will be quite different from the present physical world. In the present world, God has given us some powers – the power to do some work and the power to flee from danger and hazard, etc. But these powers are limited. While God the Almighty has infinite power. And, on the Day of Judgement, men will have literally no power.

That will be the Day of Accountability, of which we have been foretold. God will raise all men and women, right from the first man to the last man, generation after generation. Then people will be seized and brought before God in any case wherever they may be, and subjected to account for their deeds done during their stay on earth.

Thereafter, the righteous persons who obeyed God and followed His teachings during their life on earth, will be rewarded with blissful seats in the Paradise while the sinners, who rejected the Truth and persisted in blindly treading the path left behind by their forefathers, will be condemned to the Hell. These will be their ultimate destinations.

In our present world, people have power to flee from anything harmful. But, in the Day of Judgement they will be left powerless. In this regard, the Qur’ān challenges both jinn and human beings in a decisive manner: “O company of jinn and men, if you have the power to go beyond the bounds of the heavens and the earth, go beyond them!” (55:33)To go out of God’s graspthey will have to flee from the universe of God for which they do not have the required power.The verse clarifies it: “Yet you will be unable to go beyond them for that requires infinite power.” That is, there will be no escape from God’s grasp.

If the evildoers really take steps to escape from God’s realm, they will be chased in a divine manner.The Qur’ān gives more threats to them, revealing their miserable end: “A flash of fire will be sent against you, and molten brass, and you will be left without support.” (55:35) The horror the verse carries is beyond the scope of human imagination; it is at its climax here. And, the warning it implies is far more frightful than that at other places in the Qur’ān.

The Qur’ān means to assert here that today the evildoers deem Resurrection impossible; they think God has no power to bring it about. But when it will have taken place and they see with their naked eyes all that they are being foretold, they will not be able to deny the powers of God. That is why in this Sūrah, the Qur’ān repeatedly asks: “Which of the powers of Allah will you then deny?”

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