By Sikandar Azam

In our human society, we find people having different traits and likings, habits and preferences. They are good-natured and ill-mannered, hardworking and shirker, honest and dishonest, careful and careless, trustworthy and untrustworthy, morally sound and immoral, believer and unbeliever, et al. Thus we can categorise human beings innumerably. But, so far as the matter of faith (iman) is concerned, there are only two kinds of humans. One, who follow the path of virtue, pay heed to the commandments of God and teachings of His Messenger ﷺ and try their level best to do only what God has allowed them to do and keep from what God has prohibited them from. And the other, who dare to tread onto the path of vice and stick thereto, reject the commandments of God, and lead their life to satisfy nothing but their whims and inconsistencies at the cost of call of conscience. Their ultimate destinations are also only two. The former are blessed with the blissful seat in the Paradise underneath springs of water, milk and honey are running while the latter are condemned to the Hell where the raging fire is awaiting them. There is no third end.

The Qur’ān (25:10) says: “Blessed is He who, if it be His will, shall give you better things than these; gardens through which running waters flow, and shall give you palaces too.” This the promise of God to those who care to follow His commandments and His Messenger’s teachings. But what about those who miss every road that leads to the truth and finally reject the truth. “They have certainly gone astray and are unable to find a way back (to the truth).” (The Qur’ān: 25-9)

Going to great extents in their disbelief, they deny the Day of Judgement and do not fear that they will face God who will hold them to account for their lies and fabrications. The Qur’ān (25:11-16) leads them to see what awaits them there in comparison with the blissful seat that is prepared for the believers: “Nay! It is the Last Hour that they deny. For those who deny the Last Hour We have prepared a blazing fire. When it sees them from a far-off place, they will hear its fury and its raging sigh. And when, chained together, they are flung into a tight space within, they will pray for extinction there and then. (But they will be told): Do not pray today for one single extinction, but pray for many extinctions!’ Say: ‘Which is better: that, or the paradise of eternity which the God-fearing have been promised as their reward and their ultimate abode?’ There they will have all they wish for, abiding there forever. It is a promise given by your Lord, always to be prayed for.”

In the light of these Divine teachings it is now easy for us to distinguish truth from falsehood, and follow the path that can lead to ultimate success.

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