When we gained our freedom, we finally decided that India would follow the path of non-violence, justice and humanitarian values. On October 2 this year, we remembered Mahatma Gandhi, paid rich tributes to him and reiterated our resolve to pursue the path of peace and justice. Unfortunately black clouds of violence are again gathering dangerously. Godse zindabad is trending and vitiating more minds. One who claimed that Gandhi’s murderer Godse was a nationalist has reached the lofty precincts of Parliament. One highly placed functionary of this government had openly said that he would never forgive Pragya Singh Thakur. Then how is it that she is there in that respected house of democracy? Should we take it that there is a big gap between what we hear and what we see? Shall we take it that those who give lip service to democracy do not really believe in it?

India is in a very grave situation. Our government has failed our people. The dream of five trillion economy has become sour. High inflation is breaking the backs of citizens. Petrol and diesel have crossed `100 mark. Unemployment has reached the highest level. Crimes are being committed in broad daylight, with impunity and without fear of law. Protectors of citizens are turning into tormentors and murderers. Take the case of Kanpur realtor Manish Gupta who was brutally murdered in cold blood by some police personnel. It appears that more and more people, under the intoxicating influence of communal virus, are renouncing the path shown by Gandhiji, Father of the Nation. The spirit of Godse is stalking the length and breadth of the land and misguided people are falling prey to this dangerous way of thinking.

It is evident that the present dispensation has finally decided that they can retain power only on the bases of hate, suspicion, fear and communal tensions. The easiest targets are the Muslims, Dalits and weaker sections. They are socially, economically and politically the weakest sections of the Indian society. The Muslims have been demonised to the worst extent, politically weakened and are under severe psychological stress. The policy of divide and rule ideally suits the fascist forces.

Crores of farmers, who provide the nation with food are up in arms. The government suffers from arrogance and self-inflicted prejudice. It does not want to come out of its glasshouse. It is not yet ready to take back the anti-farmer black laws imposed during Covid times. The firing on protestors in Lakhimpur Kheri on October 3 and merciless killing of farmers, appears to be the last nail in the coffin of arrogance.

The frustrated citizens have given notice to the rulers that their frustration has reached its limit. The writing on the wall can be easily read that if you do not mend your ways, you will end your days. Let us hope, hoping against hope that good sense prevails upon the ruling dispensation and the country is saved from disturbance and destruction.

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