India, at least for the ruling party, has caught election fever. Nine Indian States will witness assembly elections this year. The result of these assembly elections will show the way the wind is blowing and to some extent determine the outcome of the 2024 parliamentary elections. PM Narendra Modi, immediately after winning Gujarat with greater majority, has sounded the bugle for State and Parliamentary elections. As usual the ruling BJP is expected to base its strategy on polarisation, communalisation and a rich harvest of high sounding, overwhelmingly pleasing promises.

The second in command, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has a plan to visit about 10 states in a month. Karnataka, thanks to the BJP, has strangely become as bad as any BJP-ruled state in North India. Otherwise, the people of Karnataka had been very good-natured and broadminded. They valued good inter-community relations but strangely because of the influence of BJP and its allied organisations, a large number of them have become narrow-minded and spoiled. One shudders to think what may happen if the whole of India falls prey to communal poison.

The BJP is requested to do some heart-searching. Its basic policy is to present the Muslims, one-seventh of India’s population, as a burden and liability for India. They are being shown in the worst colours as the fifth column and enemies and desh drohis. The BJP does not realise how it is dividing hearts, minds and lives of India’s large population. It is causing irreparable danger to the multi-cultural India. The damage is becoming irreversible. Estrangement, suspension and ill will is increasing which may prove extremely destructive for the plural Bharat. Our PM speaks about one earth and vasudhaiva kutumbakam in world forums, but examine what is happening inside the country. Communal relations are worsening every day, every minute.

Amit Shah recently asked the voters in Karnataka whether they would vote for those who constructed temple at Ayodhya or the tukde tukde gang who support Tipu Sultan. This statement is more than enough to spoil the name of one of the greatest sons of India and leaders of Indian independence struggle. In this situation, there is a danger that India may become a cauldron of communal hate and strife. It may undo all the progress and developments we have achieved in 75 years. The atmosphere created by hate speeches and writings is poisoning the minds and a dangerous atmosphere of communal tensions, fear and suspension is engulfing the country.

Our faulty economic problems along with unemployment and inflation are complicating the situation. People have realised the emptiness of the pleasing promises of 5 trillion economy, 2 crore jobs annually, a roof for every family in every town and village, doubling of farmers’ income, several bullet trains, 100 smart cities and so many other promises. All these promises made in 2018 and afterwards had to be completed in 2022. The BJP must think about the nation, not about winning elections. It would be good for the party and for the country.

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