It is a historical fact that when India became independent, it had more than 500 princely states. The credit for uniting these states with the India Union undoubtedly goes to Sardar Patel. He should be praised and respected for this great task. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also showered praises on Sardar Patel at an event in Kevadia, Gujarat on October 31. This event was organised to celebrate the birth anniversary of Sardar Patel as Rashtriya Ekta Divas.

While stressing the unity of India, Mr. Modi is reported to have said, “Enemies of India envy our unity. Since the times of colonial slavery, our unity has always pinched the enemies… we have to be very alert… There are (enemy) forces that still want to break us like in the past… They make narratives to make us fight over castes, regions and languages… We have to remain united and one. We have to reply to the poison of division with the amrut of unity.” (The Indian Express, November 1)

Every sincere citizen of India will appreciate our PM’s stress on unity. In this regard our leaders and political parties should do some heart searching. This should be done more deeply by those who hold the levers of power.

A strong nation is built on sound moral, ethical, social foundations. It greatly depends on the spirit of adjustment and accommodation. It is more important in a country like India which is a conglomeration of ethnicities, religions, cultures and languages. There should be no discrimination, no atrocities and every individual and group should be treated with utmost respect. Dignity should not be denied to any individual however poor and worthless he may be.

The spirit of dialogue should be promoted continuously. Efforts to use religion to divide people must be curbed. In recent times we have seen fake religious leaders misusing religion and promoting hate suspicion and ill will among different religions.

In U.P. during elections even responsible leaders spoke about 80 versus 20. In West Bengal, that also during elections, the refrain was 70 versus 30. And the Election Commission was looking the other way and never took notice of such objectionable and divisive talks. This onslaught of negativism is not a good omen for the country. How can we expect to become the Vishwa Guru or achieve the goal of 5 trillion economy?

What we require is a broad humanistic approach in all matters for this country of large dimensions, hoary times and good traditions. Why should they talk about attackers and invaders. India because of its reputation of being the “Golden Bird” has attracted and accommodated hundreds of tribes and groups from Central Asia and elsewhere. It does not behove Indian leaders to talk about invasions and progeny of invaders. Why not invoke the old principle of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the whole world is one family). It is the same principle which was presented to the world by the Last Prophet Muhammad ﷺ by stressing that mankind is the family of God, and the best among people are those who care for God’s family.

Our P.M. must think who are the people who are working against the fundamental principles of our Constitution. Who are working against the rule of law and violating the principles of justice for all and liberty, equality and fraternity. Those who are dividing to rule and poisoning to be in power are the real enemies and the enemies within. With such enemies we do not require any external enemies.

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