By Sikandar Azam

The Qur’ān is Guidance for all – for the entire humanity of all times and climes, for men and women, old and young. For, it provides guidance in every sphere of life. It is out of the Grace and Mercy of God that He provides guidance for His servants. But this Divine Guidance is conditional! It is a very delicate issue. While it is the need of each and every person to come under the Guidance of God, it is not that all human beings, whether or not they believe in God and His Book, whether or not they fear Him and act upon His teachings, will enjoy His Guidance. Then, who will? The Qur’ān repeatedly says that it is Guidance for those who fear Him and believe in Him and do good deeds.

The Qur’ān (2:2) says, “This is the Book; there is no doubt about it a guidance for the God-fearing.” Again, the Qur’ān (16:64) says, “We have sent down the Book that you may explain to them the truth concerning what they are disputing and that the Book may serve as a guidance and mercy for those who believe in it.” Yet again, the Qur’ān (17:82) says, “What We are sending down in the course of revealing the Qur’ān is a healing and a grace for those who have faith; but it adds only to the ruin of the wrong-doers.”

Then, who are the people who will find that this Book provides them with light and direction at every step? The Book of God says that they are the God-fearing, who have faith and who believe in it. For, once a man’s heart is filled with the fear of God, he will benefit by the Qur’ān, provided he follows the teachings step-by-step. Fear and God-consciousness is the quality that softens one’s mind and opens it to the true guidance contained in the Qur’ān and allows it to have its proper effect on one’s life. This is the quality that leads him to lead his life with meaning and purpose. If a person has any inkling to benefit from the Qur’ān, he must study it with an open mind and a pure heart. Only then will the marvels and treasures of the Qur’ān be opened to him, enabling him to respond to His call and His instruction and causing him to enjoy the peace of mind.

For the sake of understanding, suppose we need some medical care and there is also a good doctor in our locality. Only a fool can say that only the presence of a good doctor in our midst will serve the purpose of medical care. No, in such a case, we consult a doctor, pay attention to his advice and take medicine as prescribed by him. Likewise, there is no doubt that the Qur’ān is Guidance for humanity. But only those benefit from its Guidance who will tread the path laid down by it. They will be rewarded immensely, both here and in the hereafter. The Qur’ān (17:9) says, “Surely this Qur’ān shows the way to that which is most upright. It gives the believers who do good deeds the happy news that theirs will be a rich reward.”

And those who do not care for it or reject it cannot enjoy the peace of mind promised by the Qur’ān. The Messenger of God ﷺ says: “Indeed, Allah elevates some people with this Book and degrades some others.” (Muslim)

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