Eyes do not become blind but the hearts become blind.” India is in a critical position. Majoritarian policies have taken a heavy toll of our Constitutional values. Godi media is busy in spoiling the atmosphere of the country. The social media is engaged in communal propaganda, further intoxicating the vast sections of citizenry and spoiling the social fabric of the country.

This dangerous situation prompted more than 100 former bureaucrats who held high ranking administrative posts in the past to write an open letter to P.M. Modi.

This letter is a veiled indictment of the majoritarian hate based policies which are increasingly being pursued by the BJP government. The letter reminds the P.M. of this great country of his Constitutional responsibility as the highest ranking administrator of this democracy.

The letter requests Mr. Modi to rise above “partisan considerations” and put an end to the “hate politics”. It says that the “constitutional edifice created by our founding fathers is being ruined”. Therefore, they have given vent to their concern and anguish. They refer to the violence against the minority communities, especially Muslims in the recent past, in BJP-ruled States. The bureaucrats are concerned at the frightening dimensions of the situation.

The bureaucrats have reminded Mr. Modi of his promise of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas and Sabka Vishwas” and hoped he truly means it.

Unfortunately the “Godi Media” is dancing to the tunes of the ruling dispensation and not doing its duty. Otherwise how can one explain the so-called dharam sansads and their calls for taking arms against Muslims and enacting a genocide. The police is not taking any concrete action against the communal fanatics because it feels that Mr. Modi’s government wants the zealots to spread more poison as it would help in garnering more votes in the assembly elections and assures a comfortable majority in the Parliament.

Mr. Modi, please speak out! The whole world is watching you and the world press is criticising you. Do not destroy our great country, do not forget that if your policies destroy this great country, your good name would be written in black letters. You would be remembered not only as the “great divider” but the final destroyer of our democracy and our civilization. Remember that God is watching upon us. He is the final arbiter and His punishment against wrong doers would be very severe.

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