A Fruit Bearing Tree

I have planted a tree and it will bear fruit for years.       –  Lalu Prasad, Railway Minister

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I have planted a tree and it will bear fruit for years.
      –  Lalu Prasad, Railway Minister
It appears your acts have deeply rooted you in Indian polity. It may bear fruits for you for years to come.


Lalu’s budget is jaadu-tona
                                – BJP
Jadu woh jo sar charh kar bole (wonder that speaks loud).


I am willing to go the extra mile to solve Naga problem.
                – Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister
One inch may suffice if it be in the right direction.



Parliament approved the imposition of President’s rule in Nagaland
                             – News Item
The news item is not in conformity with PM’s public statement on the subject.


We are watching very closely now to see how the coalition is formed, who the members will be and who the prime minister might be.
– Michael McConnel, Director National Intelligence, USA
The big brother is watching.


A sizable number of elevators in Chennai are being operated without licence.                                                              
       – A senior Electrical Inspectorate
What to talk about mechanical elevators, most human elevations are charted through unlicensed, rather unsolicited, routes.


IIM raises annual fees by Rs.1 lakh and it will further be hiked by another lakh from 2009.
                                        – News Item
The western – rather American – system of education taking roots in this land of gurukuls.


China’s approach to growth is not something India or anyone else should try to emulate in whole, especially in the light of the environmental and resource security side effects.
 – Daniel H Rosen, Principal US-based China Strategic Advisor  and              Associate Professor Columbia University
Who else to emulate then?


You are all working overtime to finish democracy.
      – Somnath Chatterjee, Lok Sabha
       Speaker, reprimanding the MPs
            disrupting the house
 They irony is that all these overtime workers are paid for by the public exchequer.