A Tornado on Two Legs

Honestly presuming, a noblest of the noble persona lives within you, I confess, with downcast eyes, a meanest of the mean person resides within me.

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Honestly presuming, a noblest of the noble persona lives within you, I confess, with downcast eyes, a meanest of the mean person resides within me.

The reason behind this uncalled for confession happens to be the worldwide acclaim Sania Mirza has earned by knocking out Martina Hingis at Carson on August 8. The devil within me is always off-the-mainstream view. Not only does he not listen to me, he also ignores me contemptuously, telling me: “You are entitled to your views.”

Can you help me collar this canine?

Sania beat the No. 12 Swiss 6-2, 2-6, 6-4 at the Tier II hard court tournament. Now she will confront the winner between French Vierginie Razzano and Shahar Peer of Israel. Would you allow me to appreciate her build-up for the US Open? Her fury knew no bounds when giants like Tatiana Golovin, Petty Schnyder and Dinara Safina faced the 20-year-old lass from Hyderabad.

Perhaps the words on the dry lips of challengers were: Hell hath no fury like Sania!

This tornado on two legs, aspiring at least to be in the top 20, is now bound to stand shoulder to shoulder in history books with Dilip Bose, who, in 1950 was seeded 15 th at Wimbledon, and, Ranganathan Krishnan, who brought fame to India by his dizzying fourth ranking. Sania is struggling hard now to bring glory to Bharat.

My morbid hunch is: Everybody is happy at her success indeed, except the RSS chief, the BJP head, the VHP boss and the Shiv Sena supremo, the purpose of whose lives has been to prove the Indian Muslims are themselves responsible for their backwardness as they have no talent.

Long ago, Israeli military general Moshe Dayan was bragging before our Chief of Army Staff, General J N Chaudhri: How swiftly the Israeli troops smashed the Palestinian formations. General Chaudhri gave the Israeli dignitary a patient hearing. But it exhausted soon: “What are you talking General? Just try your hand at our neighbour (Pakistan). They know how to fight and die with dignity in the battlefield.”

That praise alone, so feels this sinner of the sinners, deserves to be written in sterling gold that comes from the mouth of an opponent.

Sania Mirza’s opponent confessed, while speaking to the Press: “She hits incredible angles with her forehand.” Now Sania appears to be fond of collecting scalps of the famous. They say the destructive ability of her forehand is immense. I am afraid you would push me beyond the boundaries of Islam if I dare pray: More strength to her elbows.”

Your case, perhaps, is she does not deserve kudos because her dress is less-than-modest. In this regard, I agree with you 99.9%, while 0.1 per% reservation of mine is based upon the question how much time and money have you spent on popularising the modest dress code. This query equalises your view to impotent rage. Then the “meanest of the mean” person within me refuses to go with you too far.

Don’t chop off the hand of a thief till a stage comes when, because of your honest perspiration, the culprit himself approaches you to cleanse him from the guilt.

Is my alter ego wrong?

Here is a case of a most sought after, eligible and extraordinarily rich bride and most probably of an ordinary and not-so-rich hubby. They say compatibility or incompatibility counts in the success or discussions of a matrimonial alliance. The pithy question is: Who will dare marry Sania?

In Bhopal’s Hamidia College, there was a lady too senior to me, called Qamar Insha. She was MA in three or four subjects. When she was about to try her skills and luck in another prost-graduate degree, a senior of mine Prof. Hassan Masood remarked: If Qamar succeeds in adding another master’s to her already long list of MAs, nobody will dare send a proposal to her parents. Her marriage to a lesser mortal proved a disaster (may her soul rest in peace).

But what about the less-than-impressive bio data of Sania’s (would be) better or bitter half?