About us​

Pioneering Muslim journalism in India since 1963

Radiance Viewsweekly, being published regularly for more than half a century, is the Voice to Islam and Muslim India with constructive insight into current affairs. This pioneer of Muslim journalism in India is the credible voice heard with respect all over the nation and abroad.

Our parent organisation

This magazine has been brought out by a society, namely, “The Board of Islamic Publications” since 1963. The Objects of the society are as follows: 

  • To promote the scientific presentation of the tenets of Islam and their application in the day-to-day life of the people.
  • To train the people, essentially women and children, in truthfulness, formation of balanced judgement and other laws of general morality by promoting the dissemination of facts and unbiased news and ventilation of Islamic views on matters of public interest.
  • To fight the forces of irreligiousness, exploitation of the weaker and the backward, parochialism, dishonesty and corruption in the life of the country.
  • To arouse and sustain human and national consciousness and promote true love between man and man.

In order to achieve the aforementioned objects, the Society decided to undertake the following two major activities


Publication of a weekly in the English language 


Publication of books on Islamic theology, culture, history and other general morals.

The Board launched a weekly magazine, namely, “Radiance Viewsweekly” in July 1963 with the following eight objectives.

  1. Remove the prevailing misunderstanding about Islam and present its message in its true light and propagate its teachings.
  2. Religious and social reform of Muslims.
  3. Proper guidance of Muslims in the light of the principles of Islam concerning those special problems which they face as a cultural unit.
  4. Counteract irresponsible and false propaganda against the Muslim community and awaken the country’s social conscience in regard to its difficulties and problems by presenting the real perspective.
  5. Fair and impartial presentation of the Islamic stand-point with regard to the country’s political, economic and cultural problems and educate public opinion to discard regional, linguistic and communal prejudices in favour of a humanitarian and national outlook.
  6. Help eradicate moral laxity, corruption and other social evils and check the tendency towards violence and intolerance.
  7. Champion the just cause of the various religious, cultural and linguistic minorities and other weak and downtrodden sections of the society.
  8. Strengthen the democratic forces in the country as against the totalitarian and fascist, protest against any violation of the Fundamental Rights granted by the Constitution, and especially safeguard the principle that the State shall not discriminate against any citizen on religious ground.

At the commencement of the 55th year of its publication, a readership survey was conducted to take stock of the interest and needs of the new generation. The contents of the magazine are being modified in accordance with the market report, without compromising, of course, on the objectives of its publication.

Radiance Viewsweekly is focused on these objectives and has been serving, accordingly, with full attention and dedication.