India is moving towards instability and its youth suck in street battles. Unprecedented inflation and all time high unemployment has frustrated the masses beyond hope. Especially, jobless and frustrated youth are challenging the ruling dispensation for their apathy and destructive policies.

The highhandedness and unpopular policies of the government are responsible for the revolt by lakhs of youth. This can be seen almost all over North Indian States ruled by BJP.

There were 4.7 lakh vacancies in the central government jobs in 2016. These increased to 10 lakhs in 2019. During the last three years they have further increased. Private job market is also facing an economic crisis. Misgovernance, delayed exams, and cancellation of exams due to leakage of exam papers have added to the grave situation. Under the excuse of Covid-19 lakhs of vacancies were not filled by the government. In army and paramilitary forces also the intake has come down drastically. Lakhs of youth who appeared in the railway exams and those qualified for army jobs are still impatiently waiting to get their appointment letters. This pathetic situation has fuelled the fury and youth have exploded in frustration and anger.

What happened in about 10 to 12 States was not less than an uprising. Trains were set ablaze, cars were set on fire and stations were vandalised. The situation was so bad that at some places policemen were running to save their lives. The administration adopted the policy of going soft because the troublemakers were “our own sons” and not “jihadis”, “foreign inspired terrorists” or “Pakistani infiltrators”. The government was forced to adopt this policy of going soft. Bulldozer Babas and Mamas were just ducking behind their bulldozers. Wise policy indeed. The bulldozers and demolitions are reserved for the lesser children of motherland for smaller crimes or no crimes at all because they need to be taught lessons that they cannot claim to be equal citizens. The prevailing situation is endangering the very foundations of the federation and challenging the unity and integrity of the country.

The unwise plan of temporary military service under the scheme of Agnipath is fraught with great dangers. Those who prepare for three to five years are being given a military job only for four years and after that some might be adjusted but most of them would be free to join some outfits where their training in sophisticated arms might be exploited at the hilt. God forbid! Let our rulers take correct decisions and take sensible corrective steps and save the country.

The Government should seek the cooperation of Opposition parties and all citizens should cooperate in this critical hour. It must realise that communal and fascist methods will harm not only minorities and deprived sections. Violence once unleashed has the potential of spreading like wild fire. It will destroy the attackers and the attacked. At the end there would be only death and destruction. May God save the nation.

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