Apologise to Muslims

DR. S.AUSAF SAIED VASFI calls upon the Hindutva zealots to admit the obvious and apologise to the Muslims for unnecessarily maligning them.

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DR. S.AUSAF SAIED VASFI calls upon the Hindutva zealots to admit the obvious and apologise to the Muslims for unnecessarily maligning them.

The problem with Mr. L.K. Advani as well as those who inspired him and those who admire him, is: he has two yardsticks, one for the minorities and the other for his constituency.

Just an example: If those who illegally cross the Indo-Bangla border are Hindu, they are “refugees”. But if they happen to be Muslim, they are “infiltrators.”

This peculiar mindset has its roots in the classical literature of the Saffron. To the late lamented Mr. M.S. Golwalkar, today’s Muslims and Christians are the “guests” who have over-stayed in Bharat.

In the light of this thesis enunciated laboriously in The Bunch of Thoughts, Mr. Advani’s anger at the arrest and interrogation of the alleged mastermind of Malegaon blasts, who happens to be a female, is understandable. Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur sang and is singing, like a canary, during her narco test and brain-mapping. So did his chief accomplice, Lt. Col. Srikant Prasad Purohit, a serving Army Officer. Till now 10 suspects have been brought under the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act or MCOCA.

As a (shadow) Prime Minister, Advani talked sense in the earlier stages of the arrests of the suspects. But soon after the alleged instructions from the RSS headquarters, he changed his tone and tenor. So did the BJP President, Mr. Rajnath Singh.

As Mr. Advani’s mid-summer-night dreams to occupy the Prime Minister’s office, it will not be inappropriate to ask him why he kept quiet at the equally barbaric and inhuman treatment meted out to the Muslim youth in Andhra Pradesh? Was it not his moral duty to raise his powerful voice against an official atrocity committed against the Muslim youth?

Fifteen out of 70 Muslim detainees were subjected to various forms of torture during their custody that lasted six to nine months: stripping, physical abuse, electric shocks, some had their beards plucked out, in one case a 2-litre water bottle was said to have been hung from the victim’s penis.

How as a wannabe Prime Minister, Mr. Advani digested this atrocious interrogation? And if his day-dream materialises, will he be head of the Government of his community alone?

The charges that the Saffron is consistently levelling against the Congress-led UPA dispensation are interesting, and more-than-interesting is the defence of their standpoint. For example, the most potent weapon in their armoury, to quote the BJP president, is: the very concept of “Hindu terrorism” is “sheer madness.” A Hindu can never be anti-national. He can never go against the motherland. Each and every Saffron leader has been found parroting this bilge.

For correct information on the subject, the Saffron leadership would do well to ask the Home Ministry to provide them with the list of spies caught while selling the motherland to foreign spies. May be this list compels them to have a second look at their woolly-headed thesis.

Before proceeding further, let us note there is little extraordinary in the latest revelation by the ATS that Col. Purohit reportedly conspired with Dayanand Pande, the self-appointed Shankaracharya, and Shyam Apte to eliminate two RSS leaders, Mr. Mohan Bhagwat and Mr. Indresh for being “soft” on Muslims. The interesting allegation has been corroborated by Pande and Apte.

Let us recall: was it not the same thinking that provoked Nathuram Godse to assassinate Mahatma Gandhi? That the Sangh Parivar still celebrates the assassin’s anniversaries is a known secret.

It is appropriate to recall here that in the evening of his life, once the Late Mr. M.S. Golwalkar was asked what the Parivar should do if the Communists overwhelm the country? Shri Guruji’s cryptic reply was: “Cooperate with Muslims!”

The problem is the Saffron invariably finds out a “political conspiracy” in each and every inconvenient truth. Earlier Dr. Manmohan Singh was the weakest-ever Prime Minister. Now he is “mentally unstable”.

They see a Conspiracy in the suspects’ arrests. The point is: if a Military person or a religious personage is found involved in the subversive activity, should he or she not be brought to the book? Would the Saffron dispensation not arrest and punish erring military or religious persons, simply because they happen to pursue a particular faith? And would any punishment not be given to them as it would strip the security forces, saints and seers of their “dignity”?

The Saffron was furious at the Jamia V.C.’s statement that the teachers and students of the University would help fight the victim’s case in a court of law. Now the entire Saffron has ganged up to defend the anarchists’ case. The Muslim minority has no opinion on the subject. But the “helpers” would do well to think whose company they are keeping.

Brave statements for public consumption are alright. But now reality is staring right across the face of the “mother” and its “children”. No use blinking facts. Let the Hindutva Parivar summon moral courage and admit the obvious and apologise to the second largest minority of plural Bharat for unnecessarily maligning Muslims and demonising Islam. It would bridge the gulf that they have unmindfully created between the two communities of the country.

Simultaneously, all those Muslims should be set free who have, after 2002, been falsely implicated in the blasts, cause by the Saffron activists.

Addressing a seminar, Mr. L.K. Advani said in New Delhi on October 4: As far as the BJP is concerned, let me make it absolutely clear that we shall never conduct ourselves in such a short-sighted way that history would hold us guilty of not doing our duty at the right time and in the right manner… Our vision is not limited by the considerations of where our party will be after the next elections. Rather, it extends to caring about where India will be after a hundred years, after a thousand years.”

That “right time” and that “right manner” is staring right across the face of Mr. Lal Krishan Advani. Let history not regret the cowardice shown by the Saffron at this juncture.