Abdullah bin Abbas said: “One day, I was behind the Prophet , who said, ‘O boy, I shall teach you some words, Preserve Allah and Allah will preserve you; Preserve Allah and you will find Him with you; If you ask, ask Allah; If you seek help, seek the help of Allah; Be aware that if the nation gathered in order to benefit you, they will never benefit you, except by that which Allah ordained; If they gathered in order to harm you, they will never harm you, except by that which Allah ordained; Pens are lifted and papers are dried’.”


The expression, “Preserve Allah”, means that one should preserve his covenant with Allah and pay attention to His rights, commands and prohibitions.  One should adhere to the commands of Allah, avoid prohibited acts and never transgress the duties ordained by Him, or perform a deed which He prohibited. 

As for Allah’s preservation of His worshipper is concerned, it means Allah preserves him in his worldly affairs, such as his body, children, family and money.  Whoever adheres to the commands of Allah when he is young and strong, Allah will preserve him when he is old and fragile, and let him enjoy his hearing, sight, strength and mind. Allah also may preserve his offspring, as Al-Kahf:82 suggests. Also, Allah will preserve the religion and faith of the worshipper.  Allah preserves him from falling into misleading dubious ideas and prohibited lust when he dies and He will take away his soul if the worshipper is a truly faithful person.

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