The fascist attack on the idea of India and time-honoured civilizational values is continuing. It has assumed more dangerous dimensions during the present electioneering atmosphere. A new by-product of fascist tendencies has emerged in the shape of obscene and dirty attacks on prominent Muslim women.

First it was ‘Sulli deals’ and then it appeared on the first day of the new year 2022 in the garb of ‘Bulli Bai’. The National Commission for Women (NCW) had not taken any solid action when attacks under ‘Sulli Deals’ were carried out in July 2021. It activated its slumbering mind when the Mumbai Police took action against the menace of ‘Bulli Bai’. The NCW should have taken action when the first danger signs appeared six months back. It could have nipped it in the bud when it first appeared.

Unfortunately the partisan attitude is gradually creeping into many of our national institutions: the concept of some people being regarded as more equal than the neglected and marginalised sections identified in the first place as Muslims, then other minority communities and Dalits. This is a clear manifestation of the policy of divide and rule and treating some sections as second class citizens. How does Prime Minister Narendra Modi speak repeatedly of sabka saath, sabka vikas and above all sabka vishwas? What is the use of empty rhetoric and high decibel oratory when there is no proof on the ground of reality?

It is in the interest of the nation that the powers that be should shun their lopsided policies. By pursuing narrowminded policies they may succeed in recapturing power, but at what cost? At the cost of the future of this country and all the moral and ethical values which we cherish.

Now another extremely disturbing and nauseating episodes have appeared in the form of Clubhouse chats. Youths as young as between 17 to 21, including some women are discussing and enjoying in filthiest and dirtiest language the sale and auction of body parts of Muslim women. Their pathological hatred against Muslims is leading them to such heinous talks. They are discussing how the women of the targeted community should be sexually targeted and tortured. It is extremely shameful that women also are a part of this dirty scheming.

My dear fellow Indians, men and women, if we do not speak against these sick and rotten minds, nobody would be safe from the onslaughts of these predators. For the sake of our future, let us awake and use the full strength of law, the Constitution and morality to stamp out these destructive and dehumanising trends before they destroy the foundations of our moral sense.

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