CONGRESS IGNORED Saffron Writing on the Wall

DR. S. AUSAF SAIED VASFI comments on the ongoing Maharashtra ATS disclosures of alleged role of Hindutva activists in Malegaon and other blasts, and wonders whether the powers-that-be will allow the case to reach its logical conclusions.

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DR. S. AUSAF SAIED VASFI comments on the ongoing Maharashtra ATS disclosures of alleged role of Hindutva activists in Malegaon and other blasts, and wonders whether the powers-that-be will allow the case to reach its logical conclusions.

The too-demonstrative sincerity that is being shown currently in officially identifying the real source of Saffron terror and its widespread tentacles, raises two pertinent questions: One: Will the powers-that-be allow the case to reach its logical conclusions?

And two: How and why the Central and the concerned State governments sat pretty on the vital information with regard to the subversive activities of the “mother of the evil” and her progeny?


Both the questions call for a comprehensive explanation from those who, it is apparent, deliberately turned a Nelsonian eye towards the proverbial tormentors of the minorities.

The sub-questions on the issue are: (1) Under what compelling circumstances those at the helm of affairs continued postponing the decision on the Rightist rough-necks? Did they, like a sadist, enjoy the Muslim youths’ systematic baiting?

(2) Did they keep the State Assembly and General Elections in view while consciously avoiding bringing the suspects to the book on time?

(3) Were they trying to strike a political bargain, which could not fructify with the fatherly protectors of the sharks?


Extraordinary enthusiasm was shown in cold-bloodedly shooting down – not arresting by just incapacitating – the allegedly offending Muslim youth. But no Saffron accused has been, mercifully, shown that inexplicable barbarity. We are really happy at this apparently discriminatory use of encounters. But the embarrassing question remains unanswered.


Those who were spared were subjected to MOSSAD-like unspeakable degree of torture. According to the Congress-led Andhra Pradesh Government Panel report, submitted in last October, 15 out of 70 Muslim detainees, were subjected to “various forms of torture” during custody that lasted six to nine months: stripping, physical abuse, electric shocks, some had their beards plucked out, in one case, a two-litre water bottle was said to have been hung from the victim’s penis.” For details read Sreenivas Tanyala’s report in the Indian Express (November 14, 2008).

Both the State and Central Governments owe a cogent reply on this form of “investigation” by the police, which has now – note it – found the accused innocent.

Here is a tale-tell account of the Saffron outfits’ subversive, anti-minority and anti-national activities, towards which the minority press as well as sections of the national press, have had been drawing attention of those who count.


Recently an eminent journalist, Mr. Praveen Swami (The Hindu, November 5, 2008) has also focused torchlight on the issue in a lucid manner. In a 1,500-word story, the commentator asserts that since 2003, the movement Pragya Thakur represents has “been known to be preparing for a war”. To quote him: From 2006, it became clear, Hindutva groups were seeking to acquire serious terror capabilities. That summer, Naresh Kondwar and Himanshu Phanse of the Bajrang Dal were killed in bomb-making accident in the Maharashtra town of Nanded. Investigators found that Kondwar and Phanse were responsible for bombing a Parbhani mosque in April 2006, almost three months before the Mumbai serial bombings. Bajrang Dal operatives linked to the Nanded cell, the police discovered, were also responsible for the bombing of mosques at Purna and Jalna in April 2003, in which 18 people were injured. He recalls: In a 2006 interview to the magazine Communalism Combat, the former ATS chief K.P. Raghuvanshi noted that the Nanded incident could have “frightening repercussions.” He acidly observed that the bombs were not being manufactured for a puja.”

Branded Pujaris, donning sacred robes, have recently been taken into custody by the Maharashtra ATS. The latest of them is Mahant Amritanand alias Dayanand Pandey. This divine was also in contact with the “militant-Sadhvi” Pragya Thakur, arrested for the Malegaon blasts.


The Haryana Police suspects the hand of Sadhvi Pragya and Lt. Col. Srikant Prasad Purohit behind the blast of Samjohta Express in February 2007. If the suspicion proves true, it is going to have repercussions on the Indo-Pak diplomacy. In the meantime, it is being claimed by the Maharashtra ATS, the source of finding of the Malegaon blast has been found out. It was the fund-raiser Dhawde Jagdish Mahatre and Rahirkar who were helping the bellicose Sadhvi in this regard.

The Centre has now asked the States to provide information on Bajrang Dal and its activities as well as the states’ action taken report. In the meantime narco tests continue on some suspects. But the problem is the narco tests are not admissible in courts as evidence. The allegedly trained terrorists like Purohit can beat these tests.


All said and done, the basic question that goes unanswered is: Shall the current enthusiasm being shown in the arrests of the Saffron terrorists reach its logical conclusions? We are afraid it shall not be allowed that luxury. Was that luxury not denied to the recommendations of the Srikrishna Commission and the Rajinder Sachar Committee Reports?

In fact, such Committees and Commissions are not set up to implement their uncomfortable recommendations. They are set up just to comfort the crying.