Tamim al-Dari relates that Allah’s Messenger observed: “Al-Dīn is the name of sincerity and well-wishing.” Upon this we said: “For whom?” He replied: “For Allah, His Book, His Messenger and for the leader and the general Muslims.”

(Sahih Muslim)

Nasiha for Allah implies that man’s heart is cleansed from all impurities with regard to belief in Allah, i.e. one should believe in Him as the Creator and Master with all His Attributes and with an earnest desire to obey all His commands.

Nasiha for Allah’s Book means that it should be sincerely believed as a revelation from the Lord and be read and understood with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. Nasiha for the Messenger signifies that his Apostlehood must be affirmed with perfect sincerity of heart, and whatever he has vouchsafed to humanity should be respected as the Will of God, and he should be respectfully followed in all his precepts and examples.

Nasiha for leaders implies that they should be respected, obeyed and given support in all the affairs which they conduct according to the Shari’ah. And if they deviate from the path of righteousness, they should be advised and admonished, and sincere efforts be made to bring them back to the right path.

Nasiha for general Muslims is that they should be advised in all matters concerning the good of this world as well as the hereafter. Nasiha thus covers the whole gamut of religion and in fact the entire human life as its scope is as wide as that of Islam.

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