Dr. Nejatullah Siddiqi completed the journey of his eventful life on November 12, 2022 and left for his heavenly abode at the ripe age of 91. He was a scholar par excellence, an erudite economist, an Islamic ideologue and a prominent leader of worldwide Islamic movement.

He selected Islamic economics as his field of study and action in the background of resurgent Islamic movements, which present a worldview to shape human life in the light of the divine teachings of Islam.

The dominance of capitalism produced dangerous consequences in the whole world. The unnatural principles of communism, thrust with authoritarian atrocities added to the woes of humanity. This prompted Dr. Nejatullah to deeply study the humane principles of Islamic economics. Through his scholarly efforts he presented Islamic economics as a viable alternative which will save the world.

He started his struggle in India, then further developed it in an Islamic university in Saudi Arabia and finally settled in the US to continue his efforts. As a result, he has left behind a rich legacy of several books and a practical model of Islamic economic system. His books, which have been translated into several world languages, deal with practical aspects of implementation of Islamic economic principles in the modern multicultural world.

Dr. Siddiqi has been awarded the prestigious King Faisal International Prize for his efforts to explain and popularise Islamic economics. He has to his credit a number of other awards for his scholarly works.

Dr. Siddiqi was an exemplary person who was an epitome of scholarship, moderation, camaraderie and gentlemanliness. His generous nature attracted hundreds of persons all over the world, who like him, dedicated their lives to practically implement Islamic principles in finance, banking and other fields of economic activity.

As a result of his strenuous efforts now humanistic economic principles of Islam are being increasingly implemented not only in the Islamic world but also in the western countries. The world recognises him as a God-fearing person, who strived and successfully popularised the concept of humanistic economic principles which will help the world to usher in a system which is free from exploitation and selfish capitalism, widening gap between the haves and have-nots, flight of capital and deprivation of poor segments of humanity.

It can be hoped that hundreds of institutions, thousands of his colleagues and his countless students will continuously get inspiration from his legacy and mankind may sooner breathe in a humane and friendly one which will ensure justice, equity and welfare of all human beings.

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