The recently held Dharam-Sansad at Haridwar on 17-19th December has set fresh records of communalising the atmosphere of India. Besides this, it has set new goalposts of spoiling the inter-religious relations.

There is no dearth of rabble rousers in our country. Minds have been poisoned to a great extent, and the political masters are fiddling like Neros as it is providing them with a harvest of more votes and assurance of hefty returns in the forthcoming elections. In this so-called religious Sansad the misuse of religion was at its height. The new entrant was Swami Prabhodananda, who appears to be competing with Yati Narsinghanand, who is well-known for his most irresponsible statements. Viral footages of these statements made by irresponsible leaders are fully in public domain. They reveal how dangerous their views are and to what extent they can go in misusing religious jargon and undermining the good inter-community relations. They openly said that Islam and Muslims are the greatest dangers which the Hindus are facing. They made a call to take arms and wage a war. They said that Islam and Muslims should be destroyed. They presented a vision that the Hindu Rashtra should not have any Masjid or Madrasa. They gave an open call that weapons should be amassed and used when required.

The civil society is appalled how such provocative speeches are being neglected by the law enforcing system of the country. When contacted the responsible officers of the district said that they are keeping a keen eye on the situation and would do the needful when they feel it is needed. Meanwhile, the press all over the world has taken note of the filthy and poisonous speeches. One is forced to ask why the central government is not taking any serious action in this regard.

The provocative statements in the Sansad are bound to provoke violence in the minds of irresponsible elements in the society. It is strange that our ‘Visionary’ Prime Minister has not even spoken a single sentence against these agents provocateurs. The silence of the political leadership is construed as silent approval. We have come across many such incidents when supporters of violence were given high posts in the ruling political party. A few months back, such a rabble rouser in Haryana immediately after this provocative speech was made the spokesperson of BJP in that state. A country doesn’t become great by the wealth it possesses or by the army it develops. A country becomes great by the social cohesion, civility and the peaceful atmosphere.

The rulers of this country must take serious note of the degradation in the moral standards and social cohesion. We have neither economic growth nor moral strength. India wants to know why up till now the killers of intellectuals and human right activists like Pansare, Dabholkar, Kalburgi and Gauri Lankesh have not been punished. Is there no place for rationalists, human right activists and whistle-blowers in our country? It is a must that all well-wishers of the country should join hands and counter hate and hatemongers.

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