Gangsters-turned Politicians


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Notwithstanding the fact that the articles written by me during last 44 years, are measured in Kilos, not numbers, I am cock sure I can never become an author. Reason? Neither I am Babloo Srivastava; nor I am Abu Salem who has decided to enter into politics and who later can become an author as has already happened with Babloo.

The gangster-turned-politician, Mr. Babloo has to his credit a book translated into English. This English language version of Adhure Khawab in the form of Unfulfilled Dreams is likely to be sold like hot cakes, as has already happened with the original Hindi edition, the print order of which was 40,000.

What should I do, therefore? Leaving the question un-answered for a while, let me express my happiness over the new avenues just opened for the rough rocks. We have now a political party “Apna Dal” in UP. Its doors are wide open and will remain so round the clock for “gentlemen” like (Mr) Dawood Ibrahim, (Mr) Tiger Menon and (Mr) Chhota Shakeel. All of them would make good politicians and class writers, it is expected.

Think of the day when this distinguished political-cum-literary fraternity would adore the corridors of power in our state Assemblies and Central Parliament in New Delhi. Pragmatic Police Constable, Police Commissioners would do well to take note of the epoch-making development which may be just round the corner.