Qatar’s FIFA World Cup 2022

Arabs need spirit to win

Every time I watch a World Cup tournament, I wish that there would be an Arab team present in the finals. How many times have I wished for Arab teams to advance to the next group stage?

The first wish was fulfilled when the Arab teams participated in the World Cup. But the second wish is still to be fulfilled. I am waiting for one of the teams to complete the journey and rise to the next rounds.

For the first time in this World Cup, I have a strange and wonderful feeling… a hidden emotion that we the Arabs can finally fulfil the wish.

The Saudi national team made the effort. They did not underestimate their rival, nor did they despair. The thoughts of the Saudi national team players were not focused on playing the Argentine players and getting out of the match with the least possible loss. Rather, they played to the standards of Argentina and successfully scored two goals. Argentina is a team which has a history and has capabilities which made it a first choice for the tournament.

The Arabs do not lack capabilities, they have stadiums and equipment. They have the money to hire the best coaches in the world. They have professional players in the major world leagues in England, Spain, Italy and France.

They lack the culture of winning, the will and the spirit to challenge. They can be a match for the major sports teams if they have the persistence and determination.

[by Alsayed Abbas in Arabic Post]

It was an exceptional week for Saudi football. It has not seen such a time in its history, even if this bright team participated in the 1994 World Cup finals.

The phrase “snatch people’s admiration”, which is used by some in exaggeration, has become a reality for the team in green shirts and their coach. They successfully attracted appreciation, accolades and cheers from Tokyo to Los Angeles. There was no love or hate. It was all above racial, religious, and geographical lines found on Earth.

The amazing performance of the Saudi national team against Argentina and then Poland, and the interaction of the team in Greens with the supporters in a civilized manner proves that there is a radical change in the Saudis’ view of football in general, starting with leadership and ending with the youngest student in school. This would dispel fears that Saudi football will suffer a setback in the way it suffered after the 2006 World Cup. It is enough that the fans who supported the team in its match against Poland did not leave early and waited until the end, to salute the team which dominated the match and fought for victory.

The elimination from the first round will not disturb the sportsmanship in the streets if the strong performance continues against Mexico. The capabilities of the Saudi national team players will continue to be admired regardless of the outcome of the match, given that losing is a third possibility after winning and a tie.

[by Talal Al-Hammoud in Arriyadiyah]

Compiled and translated by Faizul Haque

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