France Swinging between Morocco, Algeria

Due to the energy crisis caused by the Russian war on Ukraine, French President Emmanuel Macron, after being elected president for a second term, chose to go to Algeria, on his first visit to Morocco. Rabat was his first destination when he visited the region in June 2017. Algeria has been a first destination of visits to the region by the former French presidents, even the most supportive of the Moroccan Sahara, such as Presidents Nicolas Sarkozy or Jacques Chirac. This is because of the historical ties between France and its former colony. It is a fortiori that Algeria be the first destination of the visit of a French President this time. France today is in an urgent and extreme need to diversify its sources of energy. It is clearly visible that it needs Algerian gas to replace Russian gas.

France’s need for Algerian gas is no less important than its need for security cooperation with Morocco to combat terrorism. If gas is available in international markets, albeit at a higher cost, its need for intelligence cooperation with Morocco cannot be bought in the market. As for Morocco, it needs clear support from France for its territorial integrity, for which it has got a lukewarm support since Macron came to power. This has created suspicion and mistrust between the two traditional allies. The current energy crisis has made the economic position of Algeria stronger.  It needs to reconsider its political and historical positionings so that France recognises its crimes against the Algerian people.

[by Omar Al-Murabit in Al-Araby Al-Jadeed]

In US, Nothing Continues

With the approaching Iranian-American nuclear agreement, and regardless of whether you support the Iranian viewpoint or the American position, Iran’s declared demands are “unrealistic and populist.” No sane person can believe that the United States will make such pledges that “that no administration in the future will depart from the agreement if it happens.” This is a matter, and if some people believe it, it is inconsistent with reality. Because it is tantamount to asking the United States to “relinquish its sovereignty” in many of the centres of conflicts in the “Middle Eastern region.” It shows lack of deep understanding of the mechanisms of American political activity, and placing blame on the other, as the Iranians do to escape the urgent internal commitments.

Donald Trump’s administration blew up a number of agreements made by Barack Obama, and Joe Biden’s administration tore apart a number of deals made by Trump’s administration. This was done in many files such as in the issue of Golan Heights and Jerusalem as the united capital of Israel, particularly the development in Afghanistan. The meaning is clear here, as the basic rule is “that any administration in a country may destroy previous agreements signed by its predecessor, if it finds that this achieves its political interests.” Angela Merkel’s policy in Germany to receive refugees was blown up after the arrival of Olaf Schulz. There is nothing continuous in politics.

[Mohammad Al-Rumaihi in Al-Arabiya]

Compiled and translated by Faizul Haque

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