Qatar Confronts Reality

The State of Qatar is now fully prepared to host the FIFA World Cup. It has won the bid of hosting this world cup, which is the largest sports event of the world, on December 2, 2010. Now Qatar is in race against the time to fulfil the technical commitments it has made while competing for it with the major countries of the world. There were also frenzied campaigns and systematic attempts to pressurise the FIFA presidency to withdraw the mandate of Doha for hosting this event.

With the World Cup approaching, malicious attempts are still being made, by one party or the other, targeting the State of Qatar and FIFA on the one hand, and international football fans who want to support their teams and visit this exciting Middle Eastern Arab country on the other. The government of Qatar and its executive, administrative units and people remained in a state of defiance of the negative psychological pressure tactics which questioned Qatar’s ability to complete the journey of preparations and accomplish the task in a manner befitting Qatar. It is an Arab Islamic country which fully believes that it represents the Arab and Islamic nations at the international event, with all its responsibilities and stakes.

Qatar expects more than a million visitors during the World Cup matches which will be held during the 28 days event. Massive logistical preparations have been made for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

[by Faris Al-Khattab in Al-Araby Al-Jadeed]

Netanyahu Returns

The Israeli elections provide Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the Likud Party and former Israeli prime minister, with an opportunity to form a stable government which may continue for four years. According to these results, there will be a government of the Zionist extremist right-wing racist, supported by a parliamentary bloc of 64 members for its survival. It will also have support of the fascist “Religious Zionism” party.

This confirms the continuation of the shift in the Zionist society towards the right and the adoption of religious extremism and racism. It also reaffirms the fading of the forces of the Zionist left and the weakening of their political influence, to the extent that the formation of governments in Israel is based on the alliance between the right and the extreme right.

This government, with its partisan formation, has a set of political principles which pose a real threat not only to the Palestinians and their cause, but also to several countries and regional powers. It requires serious and unconventional policies to confront them.

This fascist coalition does not respect any of the Arabs. The philosophy of peace with the Arabs is based on the point of view of Netanyahu, as stated in his book A Place under the Sun. It calls for military superiority over the entire region, which is what he calls the “peace of deterrence” in which countries will resort to Israel for peace.

This Israeli government puts the entire Palestinian leadership, political institutions, factions, and Arab and Islamic forces in the region in front of the naked facts. The Palestinians must face these facts seriously.

[by Ahmed Atawna in Aljazeera]

Compiled and translated by Faizul Haque

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