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SYED TAUSIEF AUSAF presents how Muslim non-entities’ attempt to surreptitiously trade the credibility of 200 million Indian Muslims with the transplanted state of Israel miserably failed.

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SYED TAUSIEF AUSAF presents how Muslim non-entities’ attempt to surreptitiously trade the credibility of 200 million Indian Muslims with the transplanted state of Israel miserably failed.

If the length of the beard could determine the piety of a person, the beard of Abdullah bin Ubai was definitely larger and thicker than those of the so-called Muslim delegates who recently toured the transplanted state of Israel, also called “dagger in the Arab heart.”

The members of the said delegation, comprising inconsequential and controversial non-entities, who visited Israel on August 14-19 at the invitation of the American Jewish Committee and the Australian Israel Jewish Affairs Council, would have realised by now that their attempt to surreptitiously trade the credibility of 200 million Indian Muslims for some cheap entertainment and publicity in Zionist and American circles has miserably failed.

The Jewish groups cleverly chose those who, despite being in the “field” for decades, have not found acceptability and respectability in the community.


Jamil Ilyasi, president of the All India Organisation of Imams, was planted by PV Narasimha Rao to win back Muslims after the demolition of the Babri Mosque. Ilyasi, who sent his son Umair to the Jewish state, claims to be representing about 500,000 imams. But the fact is he is unable to gather 500 to stage a protest. Yes, about 50 imams can say ‘how high’ if he says ‘jump’. Neither Ilyasi nor the organisation he heads has any say in Muslim matters.

Akhtarul Wasey, (et tu Brutus?) the head of the department of Islamic Studies at Jamia Millia Islamia, has made several attempts to become a representative of the Muslim community in world fora. But he is only seen as a self-styled reformer. Mahmoodur Rahman, ex-VC of Aligarh Muslim University, has hardly done anything worth mentioning for the community. Mere a decoration piece, Rahman’s inclusion in the group was only to add some semblance of weight.

Aziz Burney, Editor of the Rashtriya Sahara, is not known for competence and allegedly hires ghost writers to do important pieces. They say he waits for the highest bidder when it comes to taking sides.

Meat magnate Sirajuddin Qureshi dropped out at the last moment fearing the journey could adversely affect his business prospects in the Arab world.

Khwaja Afzal Nizami of the Nizamuddin Dargah and Abdul Wahid Chishti of the Ajmer Dargah represent a jamboree of grave worshippers, euphemistically called Barelvis. Their presence in any Arab or Muslim summit is out of question, hence respectable delegates to establish “peace” with the Israelis.




That the delegation dealt a severe blow to the Arab and Muslim efforts to boycott and isolate Israel because of its naked aggression against the Palestinians needs no elaboration. But inane comments and stupid arguments given by Indian “luminaries” in Israel cannot be forgiven.

Ilyasi said: “The Jews I have met here say that we are all children of Abraham, part of the same family. The Muslims in India should come and see things for themselves.” Does the fact that the Jews are the children of Abraham (blessings with him) entitle them to hound and persecute the followers of the Last Prophet (peace be with him)?

It seems Ilyasi never read history. If he did, he would know that after usurping Arab lands, the Israelis have been maiming and killing defenceless Palestinians for over five decades. The Israelis have been trying to crush the Palestinian resistance by carrying out cowardly (targeted) killings of top leaders. Abdulaziz Rantissi of Hamas and wheelchair-bound crippled spiritual leader Sheikh Ahamed Yassin were blown up by those with whom Ilyasi sang peace songs.

The delegation of the faceless had no idea of the Zionist barbarity the Palestinians experience during Israeli raids in refugee camps. It is an Israeli army’s ritual, done every week or fortnight during which innocent boys and men are shot dead for throwing stones or taking aim at the tanks.


The so-called Indian Muslim delegates, it seems, don’t have the slightest idea of the Israeli nuclear programme being developed at Dimona. Tel Aviv’s missiles are not meant for Paris, London or Washington. In the crosshairs of its nuclear-capable rockets are Baghdad, Tehran, Damascus and the six Gulf countries.

Do these self-representatives know that Israel, with tacit support of the US, has been pooh-poohing UN resolutions against its excesses on the Palestinians? The delegation, perhaps, never heard of the humiliation and a slow death Yasser Arafat suffered at the hands of Israel.

Before joining the chorus of having good ties with Israel, the Indian “peace doves”, which also flew to Sedrot, failed to recall the vile attack Israel launched on Lebanon and bombed tens of thousands of children, women and innocent men in their homes. Civilian areas were deliberately hit to bring Hizbullah and its leader Hassan Nasrallah to his knees. Add to this, genocides in Sabra and Chatilla. So much for Israel’s quest for peace.

Do the said misrepresentatives know that the ultimate map of Israel includes the regions extending from the Euphrates to the Nile, including parts of Lower Egypt, Southern Lebanon, Southern Syria, lands east of Jordan, and the northern parts of Hejaz and Madina?

The delegates, who took part in an inter-religious dialogue with representatives of the Chief Rabbinate, have, in their utter foolishness, helped Israel improve its image which has been in tatters since the brutal repression of the first and the second intifada.
And by advising Pakistan to establish official relations with the Zionist state, the delegates have confirmed their critics’ doubts that some of them are on Israel’s payroll.


The visit has been blasted by the Organisation of Islamic Conference, which rightly feels that such trips sabotage Arab peace efforts. Top Indian Muslim organisations like Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Jamiat-Ulema-e-Hindi, All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat and Milli Council have already declared the delegates traitors. The grand mufti of Palestine befittingly refused to meet the delegation and denounced it for accepting the Israeli invitation. The delegates were not allowed to visit Arafat’s grave.

Even the apologists of Ilyasi, Chishti, Nizami and Burney would agree that the visit has boomeranged on the organisers and participants of the trip. The delegates now risk being roughed up if seen in public.

Only a complete and effective social boycott of such hypocrites by Arabs in particular and Muslims in general can send a right message to Israel and its pushers.

Since the very birth of independent India, Bharat has been a strong votary of the Palestinian cause. Particularly Indira Gandhi, like Mahatma Gandhi, used to feel the pain of homeless Palestinians.  The BJP’s brief alliance with Tel Aviv did damage that healthy tradition to some extent. During P V Narasimha Rao’s Saffron-tainted period, Indo-Israeli defence and intelligence ties started to gain strength. They are now galloping. Today, Tel Aviv advises New Delhi on how to deal with the Kashmir problem. Dr Manmohan Singh is bound to isolate himself in the Arab world if he does not have a dispassionate second look at this dubious and dangerous liaison with Israel backed by its godfather, the US.


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