India is in dire straits. Unemployment is galloping and inflation is killing. The petty-minded politicians are busy with vote gathering exercises. We could have looked at our media in this crucial hour. But, alas a sizable number is busy in TRP wars. And those who have mortgaged their souls to powers-that-be are already sitting cosily in the laps of rulers and manipulators.

Assembly elections in several States are round the corner. The days when elections were held to know the pulse of the electorate and shape the policies to strengthen democracy are over. Now the irresponsible politicians whose last resort is politics for material gains, have a field day, rather a field era.

In spite of the self-prising claims that we are a deeply religious society it is a fact that our religiosity is only skin deep. Religion is being misused to hoodwink citizens and arouse worst and debased hatred and enmity. The ruling BJP has decided, it seems, that in the face of multiple failures in governance, weaponization of religion is the best bit. Sorry for borrowing this loaded term from a national daily, which pleaded for sanity, restrain and avoidance of resort-to communal propaganda. Hindu festival Ram Navami should have been utilised to inculcate a spirit of love, brotherhood and intercommunity relations. But it was used by political miscreants for death and destruction.

It was a well-planned strategy to radicalise Hindu sections and prepare them for violence and genocide. The so-called dharma sansads in Haridwar, Delhi and elsewhere  were meant to poison the minds and weaponize the people. We witnessed the results in at least nine States. Azan, Hijab, Halal and many other things connected with Muslims are being used to poison the atmosphere. News channels are freely using the terms like “Jinnah Gangs” and “Jamatis”. They are being used to denigrate the 20 crore Muslims of India and to show them as anti-nationals. BJP leaders are saying that they are the “hidden snakes” who should be suppressed. The rioters are fearlessly indulging in murder and arson. Police acts like silent spectators and swings in action against the victims only.

The world is not blind to the events taking place in India. Recently US authorities stated that they are watching the increasing social discord and destruction in India. If poisoning of minds and victimisation of Muslims is not stopped and our courts don’t act proactively, India should be ready for, God forbid, widespread death and destruction. We hope the judiciary will do its duty in this horrible hour.

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