Higher than Angels

Auron ka hai Payaam aur, mera Payaam aur hai, / Ishq key dardmand ka tarz-e-kalaam aur hai!

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Auron ka hai Payaam aur, mera Payaam aur hai, / Ishq key dardmand ka tarz-e-kalaam aur hai!


For starters, this book will show you that your status in God’s eyes was even higher than that of the angels. So much so that God made the angels prostrate before you as a human being, when he created your progenitor, Adam – may Almighty God bless him.

This book will show you how God Almighty created everything in heaven and earth just for you. And how he made you, man as well as woman, his own personal representatives on earth.

It will show you how your existence on earth is part of God’s grand plan for you – and for his world. It will tell you how, as a baby, God brought you into this world pure and free, and completely unladen by guilt and untouched by sin, to be able to perform that exalted duty: to be God’s representative on earth.

This book would lay down for you, right at the outset, the parameters of right and wrong, and good and bad, and would also provide for you in many cases the rationale for doing so?

This book would make distinct for you the boundaries and demarcations that God has set up to separate the lawful and the permissible from the forbidden and the unlawful, and would outline for you the consequences of breaching those boundaries that God established for your own good.

In many ways you may find in it echoes of some of the other books you may have read before, whether it is the Bible or the Gita. But only in purer and more complete form. As if someone had sat down and gone through those other books carefully and revised and updated them to meet your present-day needs.

It is a book that to a significant degree would place your fate and destiny in your own hand – based on your own choices and decisions; based on your own action and inaction; and based on all your omissions and commissions.

That book would then tell you to go ahead and be your own judge and inform you that God too would hold you accountable for what you do or don’t do.

It is a book that would clearly give you the right of choice, as a rational human being, to make up your own mind with regard to issues, and then make the choices you make the grounds for what happens to you in life and after death.

It is a book that would give you the guarantee that not an iota of good you do in this world would ever be lost or discounted. It is also a book that would, at the same time, warn you that even the smallest of bad you do may haunt you and catch up with you.

And all the time, this book would hold open before you the prospect of God’s unbounded love and eternal Grace and invite you to turn to him and repent.

That is why you must read this book, for there is no other book like that book.


Dhaalikal Kitaab





This book would at all times show you the way out of your predicament by throwing open for you the doors of repentance, reprieve, redemption and restitution.

Not by way of absolution of your sins through another human being like you, but through a genuine change of heart and repentance on your own part.

You must read this book, for in this book you will hear God Almighty call out to the sinners of the world: “O my slaves who have wronged themselves! Despair not of the grace and mercy of God! For, God forgives all sins!”

When did you ever hear that call that loudly, that clearly and quite in those terms? Not in a voice modulated and mediated through others, but in God’s own voice that speaks to you directly and without intermediaries?

It is a book that would proclaim to you the unity and equality of the human race in terms you never quite saw or heard before.

It is a book that would solve the mystery of the male-female dynamic – parity, equality, balance, harmony, reciprocity and complexity – in terms clearer and more powerful than you ever thought was possible.

It is a book that would show you how to use your reason, judgment and common sense, not only to solve your practical problems in this life, but also as guides to find God and reach out to his love, Grace and mercy.

It is a book that would teach you how to use your powers of logic as well as intuition, and all your skills of research and analysis, not only to make your life on earth better and more fulfilling, but also to work your way to God Almighty.

That is why you must read this book – regardless of who you are or what you do and regardless of whether you are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, atheist or something else. For, you need that book in your life as much as anyone ever needed anything in this world.

For, that book is God’s own personal gift to you that he sent to you through a very special personal messenger.




If you had wished and wanted and waited for any or all of this, and a host of other things besides, then wish no more!

And wait no more!

For, your wish has come true. God has granted you your wish. And that book is here! And that book is the incomparable, the most amazing, Al-Qur’an. A book directly from God Almighty that you absolutely, positively must read.

For, it is a book that may be quite unlike anything that you may have ever read or heard of before.

Reach out and grab hold a copy of that book today – either in the original Arabic or a translation of it in any language that you are most comfortable in. For, Almighty God has made that book available, ready and waiting for you.

And he did it from before you were even born, knowing, as only he could, that once born in this world you would need that book. You would need that book to navigate the murky and turbulent waters of life on earth as much as you would need your mother’s milk.

Or as much as you would need air to breathe, food to eat or water to drink.

God Almighty prepared all those things for you – did he not? – and kept them all waiting for you before you ever set foot on earth. So also did he prepare and keep this most amazing book ready and waiting for you from before your birth.

So reach out and pick up a copy of that book today – and read!




That is right. That is what that book calls itself. It calls itself “The Reading”!

Or “Something to Read!” And it calls itself “The Writing”! And it calls itself “The Book”!What a book indeed!

How can there be a book that calls itself “The Reading”? And which then turns around and calls itself “The Writing”? And then finally labels itself “The Book”?

And all this 1400 years ago, when reading and writing were the prerogative of the rich and the privileged few. When reading and writing were allowed only for the royals, the clergy and the nobles. And when most of the rest of the people of the world were forbidden by law from reading and writing, at times on pain of death.

Can you imagine that? Did you know that there was a time when human beings were kept from reading, writing and teaching by law and by use of brute force?

Till this book came and liberated humanity and conferred upon all human beings, regardless of their birth or rank, the right to read and write. And in fact commanded them all to read.

That is why you must read that book, because that is what that book calls itself: “The Reading!”

It calls itself Al-Qur’an, which in the Arabic language means “Reading” or “Something to Read.”




And that book did all this, not yesterday or today, but all of 1400 years ago.

There is no other book in the world that ever called itself that – 1400 years ago.

And that book calls itself “The Writing!” – Al-Kitab. And there is no other book in the world that called itself that – 1400 years ago.

And that book also calls itself “The Book,” which is another meaning of the Arabic expression “Al-Kitab.” And indeed The Book it is – a book quite unlike any other book that you may ever have read or will ever read! And there is no other book in the world that called itself that – 1400 years ago.

And, mind you, these are not the titles conferred upon it by its readers, admirers and devotees. These are all words which that book itself uses to describe itself – all of it going back 1400 years ago.

So, pick up a copy of that book today and read it. For, this book is that book.

Read that book. For it is “The Book” and it is “The Reading”!

And it is “The Writing.”

All of it divine, all of it from God.