In this New Year we should pledge to fight Covid and hate virus simultaneously. We should also try to ensure that peace prevails and no one is allowed to vitiate the atmosphere. Keeping the challenges in mind, we should try to focus on our health sector and allocate at least 6 per cent of the GDP on heath and strengthen our health infrastructure. We should also try to ensure that there is rule of law and law and order is maintained. We should fight against atrocities against anyone like Minorities, Dalits, Tribals and Marginalised Sections. We should try to ensure justice prevails and build a healthy society, said Professor Salim Engineer, Vice president of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) while addressing monthly press briefing at JIH headquarters on January 1.

He further said, “It is unfortunate that the government has been mute spectator against what has been said against Muslims and it has reached to a point where they have called for ethnic cleansing of Muslims. It is against our Constitution. Strict action should be taken against all those who are spreading hate and spoiling the atmosphere of the country.”

“We have established sadbhawana manch in various parts of the country, comprising Dharma Gurus of different faiths against hate and to establish peace and togetherness among people of India,” he informed the virtual audience.

On the increase of age of marriage of girls, he said, “The argument given is not very authentic and logical. If they can vote and do everything adulty at the age of 18, why are they denied to marry? It is likely to  impact society and family life. Our demography will get impacted through this unnatural law and it is also against personal liberty.” 

While lauding the efforts of few states that have passed laws against lynching in their respective assemblies, he said, “Three states have passed laws against mob lynching which is a welcome sign and we also urge other states to come out with such laws. And a strong message should be given to the mob-lynchers that they cannot take the law into their own hands.”  

“During elections campaigns, large gathering should not be allowed. Why only restriction for the people and why not for the politicians. Elections should be fought on issue-based and they should be transparent, free and fair. Covid guidelines should be strictly followed and we should learn our lesson from other elections where the guidelines were not followed,” said JIH Vice president.

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