The things have come to such a sorry state that one national leader had to speak about ‘two Indias we have created’. It is the bitter truth but we must accept it. We should not bury our head in the sand of self-deception as an ostrich does.

There is an India of the rich ranged against a larger India of countless poor, deprived, marginalised and voiceless multitudes. There are reconciliators and dividers. There are those who believe in one Creator and one Humanity. And also those who profess, practise and preach hostility, cruelty and discrimination.

India is regarded as a religious country. It has the distinction of having the second largest concentration of humanity and therefore a confluence of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism, and almost all major religions of the world. It has Aryan, Dravidian and all other strands of humanity. This country can survive and prosper only when it not only believes in but also practises sincerely the golden principles of unity in diversity, and cooperation and compassion. In short, India requires a proactive policy of give and take: take whatever is good and contribute whatever good you can offer.

But unfortunately some narrow-minded forces are hell bent upon dividing the people of this great land on the basis of their narrow mentality. They speak of recognising people by their clothes. They are puffed up with pride and want the voters to press the button with such anger that the current reaches those who do not see eye to eye with them.

Religion should be a force to unite people but some people use it to divide people. Now in unholy sansad after sansad they are spewing venom and preaching hate, revenge, cruelty, murder and even massacre. These are the worst crimes of the nation and the whole civilized world. This is a pathological case which requires thorough check-up and comprehensive and prolonged treatment. The powers that be should have acted against those fascists with full force of law. But alas! They have allowed them full freedom to communalise the atmosphere and poison the minds. In reality these are the worst enemies of not only India but the entire mankind.

Let us stand up, unite and fight with the weapons of love, mercy and wisdom these anti-national elements who do not realise how they are doing the utmost harm to this land of divergent thousands of colours and shades of opinions. May Allah bestow upon our fellow citizens the wisdom to understand that the salvation of our country lies in live and let live, give and take and accept truth and reject falsehood and never mortgage our souls to Devil.

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