Does it seem strange to people that We should have revealed to a man from among themselves, directing him to warn the people (who lie engrossed in heedlessness); and to give good news to the believers that they shall enjoy true honour and an exalted status with their Lord? (Is this so strange that) the deniers of the truth should say: ‘This man is indeed an evident sorcerer’? 

(Al-Qur’an – 10:2)

This ayah asks the unbelievers why they are astonished that a person has been designated to warn other human beings. Would it have been reasonable to designate some angel, Jinn or animal rather than a human being to warn other human beings? Similarly, is there anything weird or exotic about the appointment of a Prophet? For if people are found engrossed in error and are oblivious to the truth, what then is truly strange: that their Creator and Lord should make arrangements to guide them or let them continue stumbling in their error? And if Divine Guidance is made available to human beings, does it not stand to reason that it is those who follow, rather than those who reject it, deserve to be held in honour and esteem? Those who express their astonishment at this should reconsider what it is that truly merits astonishment.

The unbelievers’ allegation that the Prophet ﷺ is a sorcerer is devoid of even an iota of truth. For all it aims to do is to hoodwink and bamboozle the gullible masses. Such speakers have no coherent ideas to offer.

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