By Sikandar Azam

Conflicts and disputes do occur in human society. They occur because there is difference of opinion in the position of man on earth. They also occur because some people think they are sovereign while others, who are also – like them – humans with flesh and blood, aren’t. The fact remains that God is the Creator and Master of all human beings and all that is in the universe; therefore, everyone is the slave of God and no one is sovereign as such. Only God is the sovereign. If at the very outset we accept this fundamental truth, there will be least chance of arising any conflict or dispute whatsoever.

But this does not happen. Why? Because some people believe in God while some others don’t. And, there are also yet some others who set partners with God in His rights and attributes. This is despite the Divine arrangement of revealing Books and sending Prophets since dawn the ages till Prophet Muhammad ﷺ – all to tell the human beings in plain words that God is the Creator and He alone is the Master and He alone deserves worship. Those who respond to the Divine Call without ifs and buts are believers. Even today people reflect on the happenings taking place on the back of the earth; say, for example, they reflect why there is so much hate against Muslims; and as a result of this reflection they realise the wisdom in the Qur’ān. One such person said recently, “I asked myself why so much hate against Muslims in this country, I started reading Qur’ān as a Neutral person. Then I know The Truth. Now I Love Islam more than myself.” And about the Qur’ān she said, “You people have Wonderful Amazing Book hiding in your homes. World must Read this.”

This is the case of some fortunate ones. But the large segments of masses still wander in wilderness. Naturally they face conflicts and disputes. The question is what should such persons do. The Qur’ān (4:59) says: “If you are in dispute over anything, refer it to God and the Messenger, if you truly believe in God and the Last Day. This is the best (for you), and most suitable for final determination.”

If some dispute occurs, we should ‘refer it to God and the Messenger’. It means that we should turn to the Divine Book and/or the teachings of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to find the solution. This is the demand of Shari’ah and this is the only way to success. There we will find that Islamic Shari’ah is the beckon of justice and there we will experience on the pulse peace prevailing around us.

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