In the aftermath of the devastating Konkan floods, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Maharashtra and Ideal Relief Committee Trust (IRCT), which have been busy with relief operations since day one, have moved on to the next level. Following an elaborate survey conducted by volunteers of the Ideal Relief Wing, a programme was organised for the economic development of Chiplun’s small and weak businessmen, in which 80 people were provided with financial aid worth ₹30,54,000 to help them restart their businesses and workshops.

Equipment, machinery, cash and cheques were handed over to those engaged in various businesses like garments, footwear, groceries, bags, stationary, general stores, cutlery, pharmacy, flour mill, welding, fabrication, mobile repairing, electric repairing and electricals, photocopy and computer centres, online service centres, tailors and hawkers. This programme was held at Chiplun’s Madhav Hall and was attended by Mr. Mazhar Farooq (State Sec. IRCT), Mr. Ashraf Haroon Esaf (President, JIH Konkan), Abdullah Sahihbole, Amanuddin Inamdar, Muazzam Asre, Farhan Hussain, Junaid Baghdadi, Dr. Huzaifah Khan and representatives of Muslim organisations and social activists in and around Chiplun, who attended as special invitees.

In his inaugural address, Mr. Ashraf Haroon Esaf provided details of the relief work undertaken by the Jamaat, while Mr. Mazhar Farooq informed the audience that IRCT and JIH Maharashtra have come together to help 250 flood affected people from Chiplun and Mahad restart their businesses and repair 50 dilapidated houses. This project, incurring an expenditure of ₹1.5 crore, has begun. Next week, 100 people from Mahad would be provided with financial aid to restart their businesses.

Mr. Mazhar Farooq said the Jamaat was privileged to help their brothers in distress, because the entire humanity is one big family. He reminded the audience that we are all children of Adam and Eve, and hence brothers unto each other, irrespective of the community we belong to. It is our duty to stand shoulder to shoulder with the flood affected people in their hour of need. The guests who had been invited as special invitees also spoke on the occasion and applauded the Jamaat’s efforts.

Volunteers of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Maharashtra and its sister organisations like Ideal Relief Committee Trust, Medical Service Society, Youth Wing and Students Islamic Organisation have been engaged in relief work ever since floods ravaged parts of Konkan earlier this year. They have been distributing food packets, medicines and household necessities, and have been cleaning wells and water tanks. They have also helped in restoring electricity to parts of Konkan. ₹50 lakh has been spent in the immediate relief work.

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