Federation of Muslim Educational Institutions hosts national conference on ‘Be an effective school leader for quality schools’

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) President, Mr. Syed Sadatullah Husani has urged the community-run educational institutions to produce world class scholars and leaders, who can lead the world. He has delivered the keynote address at the two-day national conference, organised by the Federation of Muslim Educational Institutions (FMEI) on ‘Be an effective school leader for quality schools’ in the Capital on May 21 and 22.

Addressing the conference, the JIH President asserted that education is not just a matter of importance, but it occupies a very central position in Islam. Mr. Husaini maintained that the first verse revealed to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, underscored the prime importance of education and knowledge. Elaborating it, he says that the aims of education are establishing a very strong relationship with the Creator as well as raising such a community or group, which can give a new dimension to the sciences and arts of the world based on divine guidance and play a key role in building the global civilization.

Stating that the educational vision of Islam is very high and great, not just getting academic degrees, he said that its vision is building the entire world and nurturing a generation that is capable of global leadership. Therefore, he asked the community to run institutions to set very high vision and goals.

Noting that the educational challenges in India are categorised in three Es – expansion, equality and excellence, Mr. Husaini has pointed out that there are still many villages in the country where people either have no or little access to quality education. He said, “At present, we are focusing on expansion of educational access to all citizens including villagers, poor and underprivileged. Now there is a need to achieve academic excellence.”

He asked the institutions to develop five skills – critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication and character in students.

Speaking on the occasion, Secretary General of FMEI and the Chairman of the JIH Education Board (Markazi Taleemi Board), Mr. Mujtaba Farooq shed light on the history, background, formation and objectives of the federation. He said, the aims and objectives of FMEI are to find solutions to the problems of educational institutions in the country and provide them with legal and other necessary assistance. Highlighting the importance of education in Islam, Mr. Farooq said the Messenger of Allah ﷺ laid the foundation of educational and learning system, despite lack of resources.

Officials of various educational institutions from different states shared their problems and challenges. Suggesting to them practical solutions, Director of the JIH Education Board, Mr. Syed Tanveer Ahmed noted that some of the challenges are individual, some others are school level and rest ones are collective. He told them that many of their issues could be solved with the help of the latest technology while the federation would try to resolve some of them.

“The challenges presented here are related to management, academic, resources, legal issues and the attitude of the community that can be resolved through mutual efforts and the federation will fully cooperate,” Mr. Tanveer added.

Noted educationists delivered speeches on various topics including CA Waqar-ul-Haq spoke on the accounting and finance for school leaders and Advocate Anupam Chowdhury spoke on the legal aspects while Prof. Mohammad Akhtar Siddiqui spoke on the National Education Policy 2020 and challenges for the community. Justice KD Naqvi, Dr. Shoaib Raza Khan and Ms. Zia Firdous also addressed on the occasion while Mr. Mujtaba Farooq delivered the concluding remarks.

Former  Vice Chancellor of Agra University and Chairman of FMEI, IPS Mr. Manzoor Ahmed, while highlighting the importance of education, asked Muslims to show firm determination and dedication to education. Mr. Salimullah Khan, Treasurer of the FMEI, proposed vote of thanks.

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