Inaugurates a national programme, highlighting organisation’s 75-years of journey

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) President Syed Sadatullah Husaini inaugurated a national programme, highlighting 75 years of the organisation’s journey.

Speaking at the inaugural programme at the Constitution Club of India in New Delhi on December 11, JIH President appealed to people of all communities to join hands with the organisation for the creation of a just and peaceful society based on religious values and spirituality.

Addressing prominent personalities and various representatives of several non-Muslim communities, Mr. Husaini stated that the primary objective of the JIH is to call people to be obedient of one Almighty God (Allah) and struggle to create a value-based society, on the basis of His teachings. “With this two-point agenda, the JIH has been continuously working for the last 75 years,” the JIH president said while highlighting 75 Years of Determined Struggle of the organisation in this regard.

Highlighting various objectives of the JIH, he explained that the core objective was to introduce religion, hold dialogue and discussion for permanent peace, harmony and better understanding among people of various faiths.

The JIH President said: The main role of the JIH has been to give positive dimensions to religion. There is a growing concept that religion and politics have been detrimental to the cause of society. It generally becomes a reason for conflict and violence. All the problems we can see today are simply because of the exploitation of religion and use and misuse of religion for the vested interest. And people who do this have nothing to do with religion and spirituality. The message the JIH has given is that religion should be used to create a peaceful and equitable society where there should be tolerance, justice and respect for the rights of other communities. Religion can play a very important role in creating a plural society. The formation and reform in the society should be based on religion. Religion should become an important factor for a just society.

In this regard, the JIH has led by example and its core message is religious but at the same time, JIH has also played a remarkable role in bridging gaps between the communities and has established forums for dialogue and discussion with them. We want to establish peace within communities. It is only through dialogue and discussion and good rapport between communities that peace can be established in our country. JIH has a model through which the issues and problems of our country can be resolved. JIH wants to have a debate and discussion on it for the betterment of society. It is the contribution of JIH that has made the interfaith dialogue and discussion a movement in the country.

JIH has always worked for justice with the help of like-minded people, civil society and human rights groups, NGOs, and organisations working for peace and communal harmony. JIH is also working to provide social and economic justice, and equality to the weaker sections of society and marginalised and oppressed people and for this, JIH has initiated various organisations.

Dharmik Jan Morcha established by JIH in various parts of India with the help of religious leaders from different faiths is continuously working for communal amity. The Morcha has also become a movement. Another platform, Forum for Democracy and Communal Amity (FDCA) is working for peace and justice, communal harmony, and democratic values.

The JIH chief also highlighted the contribution of various organisations, big or small, working on all social fronts and doing welfare work for the upliftment of society, to provide justice for the oppressed people, to give voice to the marginalised, to provide education and also in the field of healthcare. The organisation has worked for the people in every aspect of their life.

Mr. Husaini also shed light on the contribution of the Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) in giving a new dimension to the student movement, the women’s wing of the JIH, and the Girls Islamic Organisation (GIO) for the creation of awareness about Islam. He added that ladies and girls account for 30 per cent of the JIH cadre.

On the way forward, Mr. Husaini held that in the present atmosphere, the relevance of struggle of JIH increased manifold. Appealing to all to work together for the reconstruction of society to establish peace and value-based society, he said, “It is the need of the hour that the religious leaders with the help of spirituality should come forward to join hands for a peaceful and a just society.”

On this occasion, JIH Vice President Prof. Mohammad Salim Engineer delivered the welcome speech.

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