O people, a parable is set forth; pay heed to it. Those who call upon you other than Allah shall never be able to create even a fly, even if all of them were to come together to do that. And if the fly were to snatch away anything from them, they shall not be able to recover that from it. Powerless is supplicant; and powerless is he whom he supplicates. They have not formed a true estimate of Allah. Indeed, Allah is All-Powerful, Mighty. Allah chooses Messengers from among angels and from among men (to convey His commands). Allah is All-Hearing, All-Seeing. He knows all that is before them and that which is hidden from them. It is to Allah that all affairs are returned.

Al-Qur’ān (22: 73-76)

One who turns to a powerful being for help does so because of a realisation of his own weakness. But the false gods whose help people are invoking are themselves absolutely weak, so much so that at times they are weaker than flies. Those who invoke other than God for help are themselves utterly weak and helpless. Furthermore, they pin all their hopes and reliance on those who are devoid of even a morsel of power.

The most superior among those creatures whom the polytheists recognise as deities, were either angels or Prophets. But even those are no more than a means to communicate God’s commands, i.e. those whom He chooses for that task. The function which they perform neither elevates them to the position of God, nor make them His partners.

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