A vibrant opposition, which is always in a position to bear the yoke of governance, is the backbone of democracy. Unfortunately, this principle is continuously being violated in India.

The BJP has used all means to trounce and destroy the opposition Governments in States. At least nine state governments were destabilised in nine years. It started its first time in 2014 by giving the slogan of Congress-mukt Bharat (Congress-free India). Such a policy is against the very soul of democracy. Critics often point out that most of the policies of the BJP are negative and anti-democracy. They also say that basically this party is anti-Dalit, anti-minorities and especially anti-Muslim. It used mandir-masjid and Hindu versus Muslim as a ladder to capture power. It did not bother to think how harmful it was for plural Bharat. The party firmly believes that the easiest way to stick to power is to follow the policy of polarisation of votes through communalisation of minds by spreading suspicion, fear and hatred. Now the whole country is suffering from the poisonous effects of hate and enmity.

During the last nine years India has seen innumerable cases of open threats to the religion, culture, life and liberty of the Muslims. In the so-called Dharam Sansads open calls have been given for the massacre of Muslims. Time and again from one or another part of India calls have been openly given to economically boycott the Muslim community, to marginalise them and to keep them always in fear and under threat. Even the Supreme Court has taken note of hate speeches. But the Supreme Court’s warnings have fallen on deaf ears.

The ruling party is never tired of accusing the Opposition of following the vote bank policy through appeasement of Muslims. The fact is that Muslims in spite of being about 15% or one-seventh of India’s population, are economically the weakest, educationally the most backward and politically most ill-represented and disempowered. Take just one example of UP. According to 2011 Census, Muslims are 19.3% in the State. Out of 400 MLAs they should have got at least 80 MLAs. But they have just 31 or 32 MLAs. In the previous UP Assembly, they had only 22 MLAs. In the recently concluded Gujarat Assembly elections out of 158 MLAs only one is a Muslim. The credit for political disempowerment of Muslims goes to the communal politicians.

The ruling party must do heart-searching. Germany had adopted the destructive policy of using the Jews as sacrificial lambs. Hitler planned to destroy the Jews; it resulted in the destruction of disintegration of Germany.  We should learn a lesson from Germany and stop destroying India and its future. Instead of divisive policies, will it not be good if we build this great nation of 144 crore people on the foundations of humanity, morality, faith in God the Almighty and sabkasaath, sabkavikas in the true sense of the term. In that case our dear India would be the most vibrant, progressive and exemplary nation.

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