Methodology for the Quran Programme Taqwaa Is Where the Action Is!

Alhamdulillah! Tabaarakallah! Assalaamu Alaikum to all my brothers and sisters everywhere who are working to take Allah’s book to every home and heart that needs it!

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Alhamdulillah! Tabaarakallah! Assalaamu Alaikum to all my brothers and sisters everywhere who are working to take Allah’s book to every home and heart that needs it!
And may the God of mercy and love, the Rahmaan and the Raheem, bless, guide and help those who are still wavering, confused and wondering what to do with their lives. As if in life there is anything better or more worthwhile to do.
But how can I begin to say anything without first saying Alhamdulillah, Tabaarakallah? What right or authority do I have to be able to open my mouth and not say those things?
May Allah bless all of you who are struggling in the path of Almighty Allah everywhere, whether it is in the West Indies, Europe, Americas or any part of Africa or Asia. And may he bless your families and give good health and a speedy and full recovery to those who are ill and may he give long life to all of you in his service.
And may he give Barakat in the energy, time and resources that he gives to us.
Last Saturday we in this part of the world planned to meet to make preparations for the next Qur’an Program: Dr. Pasha’s International Qur’an Program #21 in the West Indies. But our plans did not get clearance from Rabbul ‘Aalameen – the master of the worlds. So, we will try to meet again this weekend, Insha Allah. And do whatever we can to make this Qur’an Program #21 even more successful than all the previous programs.
That was the promise with which we began our series of Qur’an programs. And that is precisely what happened to us. We fell in love with the Qur’an.
We were used to – a little bit at least – to reading the Qur’an. Maybe also a little bit to learning the meaning. We had sat through Tafsir sessions, who knows how many of them. We had also heard people talk about the Qur’an being a miracle.
And the Qur’an itself says this loud and clear: that it is a miracle from God Almighty.
But what had never occurred to us was that we will be able to see the miracles of the Qur’an by ourselves. Not just hear about them from others, but be able to see them for ourselves with our own naked eyes and count them.
And not just one grand miracle, but an entire gold mine full of them. Soon these miracles started to come at us so fast that we could not keep count.
That is what our Qur’an programs have done. It is no longer about telling and talking, but about showing and seeing.
The feelings that crisscross our hearts and minds are simply indescribable.
We never thought the word of Allah could be so clear, so profound, so fascinating, so overwhelming – and, yes, so miraculous. But now we know because we have seen it all with our own eyes.
And we believe and hope from the mercy and love of Almighty Allah that is what is in store for us in the next Qur’an Programme.
As for Allah’s book, the Qur’an, it has no beginning, no end. Not withstanding this, however, we need to step up the preparations and advertisements and invitations for our next Quran Program. For, as ordinary human beings we are bound by the specificities of space and the urgencies of time.
That is why all of us need to do our part. And for starters we all need to look inside our hearts. Dr Pasha in a recent mail indicated that “it is the ‘Taqwaa’ in our hearts that creates results and effects.” And it is Taqwaa that really carries weight in Allah’s scale.
Allahu Akbar, the model of Islam is really very different. The world is still catching up with Islam.
Often – every time – there is a Qur’an Program, we all lament – as we should – about the attendance. How it is the same people who keep attending. How there are many people who came previously and did not follow-up in attendance or support. How so many people who are hanging around are not getting deeper as it were in the work – the work of wholeheartedly embracing Allah’s book and inviting the world to Allah and his Deen.
Allahu Akbar! So many reasons have been proffered as to why things happen the way they do. But so many of these reasons were really outward looking in the sense they focused on what others did or did not do. As a result, so many of these reasons actually amounted to blaming others.
Allahu Akbar! How disconnected we are from reality – those of us who say we are working to make Allah’s Deen known around the world!
The fact is the answer was all within us – all the time. It is time that we looked inwards and took responsibility for the results and effects that are determined by Allah.
So, let us not forget that even as we do what we need to do, it is ‘the Taqwaa in our hearts’ that is critical. And of course, it will happen if Allah wants it – whatever “it” is.
So what we need to do really, among everything else that we need to do, is to work on our Taqwaa – clarity and purity of our intentions and motives; doing the things that we must do; and then strategically and purposefully reaching out to people.
And Taqwaa in this specific context of Islamic work must include an examination of how passionate we are about wanting to ‘get’ people to attend the next Quran Program and participate in our other programmes.
How have we organized our schedule for the weekend of the Qur’an Program to (a) attend the program and (b) spend as much time outside of the formal classes engaged in the informal discussion, reading, teaching, learning and understanding of the Qur’an?
Have we started to review the last few Qur’an Programs? Have we attempted to familiarize ourselves with the Aayaat and the lessons shown to us?
How many people have we invited to the next Qur’an Program and keep reminding them so that they don’t forget?
How many ways have we come up with to get the information out to as many people as possible about the next Qur’an Program?
How many times have we made Dua to Allah to send more people to the Qur’an Programme and to listen to Pasha Hour International, to read Payaam-e-Maghrib and to visit
How many tears have we shed? How many hours of sleep have we lost, thinking about these things? What are we doing individually to promote all of the projects that we are involved in? The list can go on and on. The point is that it is up to us. Doing the above listed things is all part of the ‘Taqwaa’ required.
So let us all look inwards and do our part to the best of our abilities and let us beg Allah to give us success and bring the people to our programs, as it is he who decides and does everything.
In terms of some specifics, there are about three weeks to the next Qur’an Program, and we need to get the information to every Masjid/Jamaat in Trinidad and Tobago.
We need to personally reach-out to each person who was blessed to have attended a Qur’an Programme previously and give them the information and encourage them to attend. We need to personally reach-out to our families and friends and relatives and also encourage them to attend. We need to proactively contact our leadership and let them know what things we could do or help out with.