Every murder is condemnable as it is an attack on humanity. Therefore, it has been equated to killing of the whole mankind by the Creator of mankind. The recent case of murder of Shraddha Walkar (26) by her live-in-partner Aftab Poonawala in NCR Delhi, is most heinous as it was perpetrated by her partner, with whom she had been living, and who had been assuming her of his love. Ghastly details of Aftab’s continuous abuse of the woman are regularly appearing in newspapers.

He undoubtedly appears as a hardened psychopath and criminal. He crossed all limits of brutality. As the details confirm, he killed the innocent Shraddha by strangulating her and cutting her body in 35 pieces. Then he stored the body parts in a large refrigerator for about 3 weeks and dumped them at various parts of Delhi over several days. This grisly murder came to light almost after six months when the murderer was apprehended. Now, gradually gory details of troubled relationship and constant torture of the woman are coming to light. Most shameful, most inhuman!

It is highly worrying that this is not a unique case of worst type of abuse. Such incidents are multiplying in recent days. Murders of innocent women and wives are on the increase. We know the cases of abusive husbands with stories of heinous murders and even cutting of women into 74 pieces. Now brutality knows no bounds.

Reports indicate that in India one out of three women is likely to have been subjected to physical, emotional or sexual abuse from their intimate partners, mostly husbands. The research is based on National Family Health Survey-4 (NFHS-4) as appeared in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. It is also reported that only one in 10 women normally reports the offence to police or doctors. It is also relevant that NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) India 2021 Report says that a 15.3% rise in crimes against women compared to 2020 has taken place. This also should be noted that “love affairs” are the third largest cause or motive of murders.

It is high time that the social scientists and well-wishers of moral health of society took corrective steps to stem the rot in our society. Moral principles should be strengthened, marriage based on mutual respect and love be encouraged, domestic violence be discouraged and severely punished and bonds of family life be strengthened. We cannot achieve all these things in the absence of fear of God, sense of responsibility and a firm belief in our accountability before God. We face the greatest danger to human life and society when we ignore God and His commands. If we do not take heed, we may become as bad as wild animals and even worse.

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