Muslim Case Goes By Default: Why?

Policital Jiggery Pokery

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Are we having a weak-kneed dispensation at the Centre? If not, there is little evidence of its spine. Following the renewed confidence gained at the recent Congress Chief Ministers’ conclave at Nainital, the Prime Minister is legitimately expected to use his good sense.

The Muslim leadership feels, and has since long been demanding that the government investigate the link between the Sangh Parivar-CIA-Mossad and its terror network in the country.

We have a feeling that justice was meted out to the 1993 Mumbai blasts in a biased manner. While the 1993 blast victims got some justice, the victims of the Mumbai riots continue to wait for the implementation of the recommendations of the Srikrishna Commission. The commission had indicted several people, including the then police commissioner, but no action has been taken so far.


It is common knowledge that the Sena-BJP government shelved the report while the Congress government, which came to power later on, buried it.

The Central Government would also do well to ask the Liberhan’s Commission to submit its report on the Babri Masjid at the earliest.

Needle of Suspicion

Several major and minor minority issues are staring right across the Prime Minister’s face, the chief among them being the lackadaisical attitude of a State Government towards those found involved in the upheavals in Jalna, Nanded, Purna and Parbhani.

Though the needle of suspicion is constantly turning towards some Saffron bodies’ active involvement in the Malegaon riots, the law and order authorities refuse to see any reasonable probability in the widely popular suspicion.

Clues & Indicators

In the April 6 bomb blast at Nanded, two Bajrang Dal activists had been killed while making bombs in a house. One of them was named Himanshu and the other was Naresh Rajkondwar. Besides fake beards and Pathan or Pakistani Muslim dresses, timers, switches, detonators and 1.5 kg gunpowder were recovered at the place of occurrence. Two other accused had succumbed to their injuries in the hospital. The narco-analysis report too has been submitted to the police. But the police is not forthcoming.


Add to it the confession of one Sanjay Choudhary with regard to his involvement in the Mohammady Masjid blast. It was through brain mapping and narco test that the police could reach to a definite conclusion. But the case is moving at slower pace.


Police Insensitivity

Several times, the alleged role of Bajrang Dal has been referred to with regard to the disturbance at Jalna and Nanded. It has been explicitly pointed out to the Director General of Police that the explosives used in Malegaon were similar to those used in Jalna and Nanded. But the authorities, for quite inexplicable reasons, refuse to shift their suspicion from the LeT and Jaish. And, in the meantime, the Muslim youth are being unnecessarily harassed.


See this avoidable harassment coupled with studied inaction, in the background of the wilful destruction of Babri Masjid and pogrom in Gujarat. Those who enacted these tragedies are yet to face justice.

The besieged have a feeling that the Hindutva forces continue to influence the Congress-led UPA government policies and the thinking of its bureaucracy. The beleaguered expect justice from the Government. If this Government fails in delivering justice, it shall perhaps never be delivered.

The situation is such!