Muslims should Confront Zionism Politically

Former ITN and BBC Panorama correspondent Alan Hart speaks his heart out and dissects the Zionist propaganda to pieces in this candid chat with SAAD BIN ZIA

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Former ITN and BBC Panorama correspondent Alan Hart speaks his heart out and dissects the Zionist propaganda to pieces in this candid chat with SAAD BIN ZIA

What are your hopes from Obama? Is he capable of resolving Palestinian Israeli conflict?

Obama claimed in his election campaigns that Jerusalem should be an undivided city. (In that sense) Obama replaced fear with hope. But, unfortunately, since Obama is surrounded by hardcore Zionist lobby, signs are very depressing.

Why do Arabs and Muslims hate America?
Its absolute nonsense to say that Arabs and Muslims hate America. However, what they do hate is American foreign policy, double standards and blind support to the Zionist state of Israel.

Are Muslims and Arabs perceived as a potential threat to American security?
No. The greatest threat to the American security is US foreign policy.

Is the monster of Islamophobia on the prowl?
Yes indeed. It is very much on the prowl not only in the West but in India as well. In my view Islamophobia is nothing but just a figment, intelligent creation of Zionism.

So, in your opinion what Muslims should do to contain the monster of Islamophobia?
Well I do not possess all-out answer to this pertinent question. Nonetheless, I have a few suggestions to offer for the Muslims all across the globe to effectively contain the monster of Islamophobia. First, Muslims should immediately condemn the acts of terrorism wherever Muslims are involved. Second, Islamic scholars should have to hold the Qur’an and very explicitly point out what does it teach and what it does not. Third and most importantly Muslims should confront Zionism politically.

What are your claims on Zionism? How is it different from Judaism?
It is very clear cut. Judaism is divine religion of Semetic origin. It is the religion of Jews that has a set of moral values. Whereas, Zionism has two dimensions to it: spiritual i.e. Jews all across the world look Jerusalem as a spiritual centre. The political aspect of Zionism was born in 1897 in Europe. It is irreligious with deep colonial tendencies. It can be dubbed as ‘Jewish Nationalism’.

You have mentioned about myths of Zionism in your book Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews. What are they?
There are actually four great myths about Zionism which we are made to believe. First, the Palestinian crisis exists because there are two equal claimants to the same piece of land. Second, Israel has a right to exist. Third, Israel has lived in danger from the Arab world. Fourth, Israel was attacked by the Arabs in 1967. All of these four myths are absolutely false and just a propaganda not only to undermine the Palestinians but also to provide legitimacy for all the illegal actions of Israel.

In your view what are the solutions to the Palestinian-Israeli crisis?
In my view there are three solutions to the Palestinian-Israeli crisis: first one secular democratic state for all in which Palestinians and Arabs live together peacefully sharing the state resources. Second, both Jews and Palestinians jointly come up with a solution. And third, a Zionist Holocaust and this seems to be very distant reality and I do not see it coming in the foreseeable future.