“O people! Be happy and hope for the best. My fear about you is only that you may not covetously struggle for the acquisition of worldly things and get lost in them totally, as nations before you did and perished…. It is not for mere sport that Allah has made you His vicegerent in this world of myriad bounties, ever sweet, verdant and flourishing. He made this world a place of trial for you as to how you act therein to earn His exclusive Will and Pleasure. Therefore, shun this transitory world and shun women, because the prime most trial of Bani Israel was in respect of women only.”


Man is so engrossed in running after worldly gains that it distracts him till he visits the grave. He prefers the life of this transitory world while the life to come is the better as it is everlasting.

This world is a trial for human beings, who have been created not for sport but to earn the pleasure of Allah, the Exalted. In the battlefield of life, position of power and strength and valour, which are essential qualities for man to conduct all the affairs of life, should be harnessed for the cause of religion. At the same time, Islam expects a Muslim to be an emblem of humanity and civility.

More often than not, it is the woman who becomes the cause of futile extravagance, mischief and painful trial. Hence, it is commanded to ward off extramarital and premarital relationships. These evils lead to a catastrophic end.

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