Photo Essay 31-10-21

Photo Essay 31-10-21

Written by

Syed Akbar Hassan

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….. human beings, beasts and cattle have various colours. It is those who are endowed with knowledge that stand truly in awe of God. Indeed, God is Almighty, Much-Forgiving.” (Surah 35 – Fatir – Ayat 27-28)

This is a remarkable touch, confirming the source of the Qur’ān. It looks at the entire world with a special focus on colour, pointing out its great variety in fruits, mountains, people, animals and cattle. It only takes a few words to group together animate and inanimate objects throughout the earth, leaving us in full amazement at this wonderful exhibition.

The splendid colours of flowers, along with their scents, attract bees and butterflies which, as far as the flower is concerned, are the means of inoculation, so as to ensure fruition. Thus, the flower completes its own function through its very beauty. Beauty is the main attraction which leads to the couple fulfilling their task of reproduction. Because beauty is intended, the Qur’ān draws our attentions to it in these various ways.

 Text and Photo by Syed Akbar Hassan. Shots were taken at Purvanchal Royal Park and Bio-Diversity Park, Sector – 137 Noida (UP).