‘The Kashmir Files’ – Hate Propaganda’

‘The Kashmir Files’ is a part the propaganda. This is a clear from the PM Sri Narendra Modi’s endorsement of the film and tax breaks given to it by the BJP- ruled states. The film takes too many liberties with facts and presents a blatantly exaggerated version of the event of 1990. It claims to present an authentic history, but falls for short of the claim and gives a false account of the event. The number of those killed given by the film are far higher than even the numbers given by Kashmiri pandit organisation and the Government itself. Many facts are glossed over. The film is in the tradition of inflammatory and provocative misrepresentation and distortion of history that Hindutva politics has often resorted to. A government truly interested in Indian unity and integrity must constitute a truth and reconciliation commission that will help to heal the wounds, that is what is needed, not polarising propaganda.

Nazeer Ahmed Kazi

Prof Secab

Vijaypur (Karnataka)

Bridge the Gulf between Communities

Islamophobia permeates the air not only in our beloved country but all over the world. Hate is grinding the very fabric of society. In the given situation, it would be in the fitness of things to find out ways and means of establishing our own publication to publish daily Hindi and English newspapers.

In these newspapers we can highlight the teachings of universal brotherhood, love and affection, equality and fraternity through articles and news reports based on facts and figures instead of propaganda that is being dished out on daily basis. In this way we will be able to bridge the ever-widening gulf between the various communities.

Dr. Z. Hasan

Former Professor

Ranchi University

Mental Stress

Please refer to the news published in a section of press “Two BSF jawans killed in firing”. It’s indeed a matter of concern that in two cases of fratricide in two days, a jawan gunned down four of his colleagues at a BSF camp in Punjab and another BSF jawan shot himself dead after killing his colleague in West Bengal. Notably, in November last year, four CRPF personnel were shot dead by a jawan in Chhattisgarh.

These shocking incidents have raised doubts about the efficacy of the steps being taken by these forces to address stress, depression and other mental health issues faced by the paramilitary troops.

After the 2021 incident, the CRPF had issued an advisory asking its formations to monitor mental stress among the personnel.

Importantly, the Defence Institute of Psychological Research, which has conducted several studies to pinpoint the factors causing stress among troops, has made certain recommendations to tackle the problem. These include rationalising grant of leave, decreasing workload, improvement in living conditions, building better relations between officers and men, etc. The Union Government has repeatedly spelt out the measures initiated to create a healthy environment for defence personnel. It needs to be assessed whether these initiatives are making a difference on the ground.

Prompt redressal of grievances can prevent jawans from taking desperate action. Timely detection of fratricidal and suicidal tendencies can help in preventing violence. The tough conditions in which the troops perform their duty takes a heavy toll on some of them. Exemplary action can work as a deterrent to ensure that personnel at all levels work in unison and not shed each other’s blood.

Khokan Das

Kolkata, West Bengal

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