Voice against Silencing the Dissenters

After having nearly the entire media beaten into submission, the government, it seems, is trying to do likewise with officers of the court. How else can one explain the charges under UAPA against the lawyers who went on a fact-finding mission after the riots in Tripura. The administration is taking matters too far.

Cases under UAPA and of sedition against dissenting voices are rising exponentially with no good reason, except for the fact the accused can be put behind bars without much difficulty. The Government is creating a climate of fear which is not in the interests of a democratic India.

The situation has come to such a sorry pass that now India is a noisy democracy, a flawed democracy perhaps, but nonetheless a working democracy. Except for a few dissenting voices the rest including captains of industry, film stars, social influencers and everybody else is silent. This is like the silence of the lambs being led to the slaughter. Those who love India and its mosaic of democracy must protest in one voice against the efforts of the government to silence those whose views may differ from those in power.

Anthony Henriques,

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Let’s Strive to Save India

In his signed Editorial “The Views of Hatred will Destroy India” (Radiance Viewsweekly, 14-20 November, 2021) Editor-in-Chief Ejaz Ahmed Aslam has put forth his views based on undeniable truth. Every right thinking person will, undoubtedly, support and agree to his viewpoints. He is right when he says, “Hinduism should not be allowed to be hijacked by narrow-minded politicians who accuse Muslims of all sort of misdeeds. They have prepared a big dictionary of terms like love jihad, land jihad, narcotic jihad, namaz jihad, etc.”

If judged with open mind, tearing apart the shackles of prejudice, the narrow-minded politicians appear to have been indulged in activities which will certainly destroy this great country. Undoubtedly, these rogue elements in the society are the real ‘tukde, tukde gangs’. Every possible effort is imperatively needed to be taken to thwart the ugly design of the miscreants to save India. India’s salvation now and hereafter, fully lies in love, respect, cooperation, peace and amity. It is thus necessary that all well-wishers of the country should join hands in defeating the hate-mongers.

M. S. Qais

Kolkata, West Bengal

Justice Lokur Argues for Independent Judiciary

Justice Madan B Lokur, former Judge of the Supreme Court of India, while speaking at an event celebrating the Constitution Day 2021, said an Independent Judiciary is a must to protect the ‘Idea of India’. He observed that unless we have a Judiciary that stands up, speaks out and introspects, our Constitution will become another piece of document which we will keep on discussing on November 26. He noted that dissent and disagreement – which are the essence of Freedom of Speech, Democracy and Good Governance – were not being taken kindly.

Justice Lokur noted that there are hundreds of cases that are filed accusing persons of sedition. “Nothing has happened in any of those cases except that persons who have been accused of sedition have spent time in jail unnecessarily and it has had an impact on their future.”

He also said that we have not been giving importance to human rights as much as we should.

Tariq Hasan

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

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