Remarkable and Par-Excellence

Radiance Viewsweekly dt. 6th Nov. 2021, Editorial by Ejaz Ahmed Aslam, is remarkable and par-excellence, highlighting anti-Hindu riots in Bangladesh. Pakistan Supreme Court also took strict action against demolition of a Hindu temple by some members of the majority Muslim community there. But our country’s communal elements are becoming more and more violent, targeting minorities particularly.

And in this issue Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has also demanded stern action against miscreants in Tripura & condemned the incidents of violence and attempts to create communal  tension. JIH, National Secretary,  Malik Moatasim Khan strongly condemned the incidents in Bangladesh and the violence against minorities and demanded that the Government of Bangladesh protect the lives and properties of minorities under all circumstances.

Chowdhry Nisar Ahmed

Noorullah Pet, Ambur T.N.

Anti-Muslim Riots in India

Read signed editorial under the heading “Anti-Hindu Riots in Bangladesh” (Radiance 31 October-6 November, 2021). The heading of the said editorial is perfectly right and most befitting.

In India, communal riots between Muslims and Hindus are taking place frequently. These riots are termed as “Hindu-Muslim Riots.” Can we term these riots as “Anti-Muslim Riots” instead of “Hindu-Muslim riots?”

It would be in the fitness of things to term these riots as “Anti-Muslim Riots”. This terminology is most appropriate and correct, according to my humble opinion.

Farooq Abdulgafar Bawani

Rajkot, Gujarat

Why Educational Institutions are Closed?

All the institutions that were closed with the start of Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, have been restarted, except the educational institutions. The time has come to reopen schools and colleges. Due to closure of educational institutions and mere online education, future of the country is standing on the threshold of danger. When every other institution in the country has been restarted and working evenly, every work restarted slowly with precautions, even elections were also held in many states of the country, while the people of the country are roaming everywhere freely, then why are only educational institutions are closed? What is the reason? Doesn’t the government want educated citizens? Does this government want to stop education? Is it because educated people are a threat to the government?

Keeping educational institutions closed will prove to be even more fatal in the interest of the country. Educational institutions should restart now. Do not push the country into the darkness of illiteracy.

Hamza Sufyan

Former Vice President

AMU Students Union

The SC Pegasus Ruling

On October 27, the Supreme Court ruled that an expert committee be set up to inquire into whether the Pegasus spyware was used to access the data of Indian citizens and whether it was acquired by the Government of India or any central/state agency for use against the citizens, among other important terms of reference. In this ruling, the apex court recognised that privacy was one of the requirements for the full flourishing of the media and that surveillance and the knowledge that one is under the threat of being spied upon creates conditions for self-censorship and would constitute an “assault on the vital public-watchdog role of press”.

The ruling also underlined an “important and necessary corollary of such a right” – the need for the media to protect its sources of information in order to function optimally. It reiterated the importance of an independent and professionally run media for a democratic society, and saw this as yet another argument for why the Pegasus issue needed to be investigated by a credible committee.

The ruling is in fact a breakthrough moment in Indian jurisprudence.

Farhan Husain

Meerut, UP

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