They Mistake Ramadan for Lucrative Business

The month of Ramadan is sent annually to the Muslims, as a reminder to abide by the law of Allah. It is obligatory for the followers of Islam to observe Ramadan as the holy month wherein good and evil are sharply distinguished and do’s and don’ts are strictly followed. During Ramadan a pious Muslim feels it inevitable to shun the undesirable practices such as quarrelling, using abusive and filthy languages, showing uncontrolled rage, negligence in work, shirking duties, failing to keep words, neglecting poor, breaking or disconnecting relationship, miserliness, backbiting, etc. in order to safeguard his fasting.

In fact, this month of Allah comes to renew, revitalise and increase the faith of the faithfuls. This is the special month to offer special prayers to the Almighty Allah. Most of the time, during the period, is required to spend in remembering and preaching faith in God and His boundless authority and His blessings, in reciting the Qur’ān and trying to learn what the holy Scripture means to teach. Unfortunate is one who finds this month and fails to get his sins pardoned.

But, unfortunately, the Muslim community appears to behave otherwise. With the exception of a few members, the entire community is seen busy in buying and selling commodities beyond necessities and essentiality. The sanctity of the month is violated. More and more items of luxury are purchased in the name of preparation for the festival of Eid ahead. Large numbers of eateries and makeshift shops erupt causing inconvenience to passers-by and mosque-goers. Obviously, these enhanced commercial activities hamper and hinder the way to the goal of piety. In this very month the sense of consumerism soars high to the culminating point. The belief in the life hereafter seems to be marred by the glamour of worldly life. The shoppers are too adherent to shopping to get enough time to pray while the shopkeepers complain that they don’t find leisure to go to Masjid or perform Namaz in time.

Actually, the community forgets or ignores the Divine commandment of Allah and the instructions given by His Messenger, Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be to him) and mistakes the month of Ramadan for lucrative business.

Mohammed Salim

Kolkata, West Bengal

‘Dravidian Movement has Kept Hindi at Bay’

Mr. M.K. Stalin, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, while speaking in Chengalpet recently, attacked BJP, saying that “they are trying to make an imaginary India”. He was reacting to Mr. Amit Shah’s call to use Hindi as an alternative to English. Mr. Stalin further said, “Some are attempting to give new forms to old lies in a bid to impose Hindi and reiterate their supremacy. Do not throw your bundle of lies at us. Dravidian Movement has shattered your lies for years.”

Mr. Stalin further said, “India is a country with unity in diversity. We have responsibility to protect diversity, secularism, equality and fraternity.” The secularists ought to welcome and support his decision.

Chowdhry Nisar Ahmed

Noorullah Pet

Ambur (Tamil Nadu)

The UNO: A Toy and Toothless, Clawless Tiger

The UNO, from the very beginning has been a toy in the hands of chosen big powers, and a toothless, ‘clawless Tiger’, consuming more and producing less. Except for such welfare bodies like UNESCO, UNHCR, and a few others, it has ceased to play any worthwhile role globally.

On the contrary, the big powers are using this body to achieve their goals. The League of Nations, which was formed after World War I, failed to serve and the world jumped into another world war. Now, after much fanfare, the UNO is nothing but a White Elephant, a showpiece. Maybe another devastating war will prove its uselessness, and mankind will once again gather under a new umbrella, in the hope of better days.

A R Sengupta

Kolkata, West Bengal

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