I am not surprised by Babul Supriyo’s comment that Amartya Sen is just a tourist. Babul is no less than an opportunist and to express it in a different manner, he himself is a confirmed political tourist.

He has shown proven dexterity in changing sides according to what suits his lurking ambitions, devoid of any ideology. To understand Amartya Sen, I request Babul to please read the book entitled “Home in the World: A Memoir”.

The Nobel laureate is India’s pride. He strides like a giant across the entire world. Of course, in a democracy, one is entitled to have an opinion different from or opposite to Prof. Sen’s.

But expression should be dignified, considering his academic stature. Let us admit that many Nobel laureates were, are and will be anti-establishment. Our very own Rabindranath was vehemently anti-imperialist.

Surabhi Sarkar

Kolkata, West Bengal

Coward Soldiers

In today’s world we have an illegal country named ‘Israel’ whose soldiers are cowards. These cowardly soldiers hide behind walls to shoot “brave and bare-handed Palestinians”. Every country in this world has marked boundaries, but Israel’s boundaries are expanding everyday by bulldozing native Palestinians houses. Brave Palestinians are refugees in their native land. What an irony it is! When houses are bulldozed if they react, it is termed “Terrorism”.

Israel MUST stop hating Palestinians, and lift the inhuman blockade imposed on them, and must allow them to live as equal human beings and stop bulldozing their homes.

Abdul Rahman Sharief

Via email

Teenager’s Plight

It is a matter of real concern that a democratic state, unable to feel the emotions of youth, unashamedly put teenager Barshashree Burgohain of Jorhat, Assam behind bars with hardened criminals for writing a poem that contained a line “One more step towards Swadhin hurjur” (Sun, symbol of freedom).”

It is a spontaneous expression of her youthful spirit, but Assam police thought otherwise. To them, in this expression the girl showed her intention to join a banned outfit – the Ulfa – that has a picture of red sun on its flag and talks in terms of waging a war against India. They charged her under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act that may lead to a 7-year jail term.

Thus, the Assam police is on its way to crush a poor daily-wager’s daughter’s dream to become a graduate with maths as one of her subjects, and become a school teacher to lessen the family’s hardship.

Do they not know that we, the Indians, are celebrating this year as, ‘Azadi Ki Amrit Mahotsav’ and to acquire this “Azadi” innumerable youth had sacrificed their precious lives, spent years in hell-like prison cells, faced ruthless torture – roused only by spirited energy of youthfulness?

Barshashree is a teenager, has dreams and ideals of any young person, and from time immemorial, poets from Shelley to Rabindranath, from Nazrul to Sukanto, showed their abundant respect and approval of this rebellious spirit.

But, in this digital world, we are uncertain of an innocent youth’s fate – will she get justice?

Surabhi Sarkar

Kolkata (West Bengal)

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