P.M. Modi should Apologise to Countrymen

Regarding farmers’ agitation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he was ‘unable to convince a section of farmers’. This means he convinced a majority of the farmers! What an arrogant and confusing logic! If he convinced a majority of farmers then why he announced to repeal  farm laws? During historic agitation of farmers, nearly 750 farmers lost their lives. But P.M. kept mum and didn’t utter a single word to console the bereaved families. Prime Minister should apologise to the countrymen for his silence all through the farmers’ movement.

However, it’s a victory for farmers, especially Mr. Rakesh Tikait, Bharat Kisan Union leader. He said that the protest wouldn’t be withdrawn and they would wait for the day when the laws are repealed in Parliament and farmers’ other demands including MSP are also met.

Chowdhry Nisar Ahmed

Noorullah Pet, Ambur  (T.N.)

Repeal CAA-NRC

It is heartening to note that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced to repeal the three anti-farmer, pro-corporate agri-laws. We strongly hope these laws would be repealed in the next session of Parliament. The Government should also address other demands of the protesting farmers including MSP (Minimum Support Price).

Here we find that the CAA and NRC are more anti-people and more inhuman laws than the three contentious agri-laws. Therefore, it would be in the fitness of things that the Government repeal CAA and NRC at the earliest in the greater interest of the nation, democracy and pluralism.

Abdul Ghaffar

Meerut, UP

The Brazen Act of Vandalising Salman Khurshid’s House

The Congress leader Salman Khurshid’s house was vandalised and set on fire by a group of Hindutva activists on November 15. The incident reflects the “mounting levels of intolerance in our politics”. The brazen act in the hill state, ruled by BJP, came after his book ‘Sunrise over Ayodhya’ infuriated the right wing and several others for comparing Hindutva with ISIS. This attack is not on Khurshid’s house but on democracy and freedom of expression. The act is highly condemnable and disgraceful. Khurshid is a statesman who has done India proud in international forums and always articulated a moderate, centrist inclusive vision of the country domestically. The mounting levels of intolerance in our politics should be denounced by those in power.

Nazeer Ahmed Kazi

Prof Secab, Vijaypur, Karnataka

Kolkata’s George Floyd Moment

A civic volunteer created Kolkata’s George Floyd moment, when he caught a pickpocket and put his boot on his chest, with the man crying out for dear life, amidst a crowd at one of Kolkata’s most crowded crossings.

Incidentally such a brutal scene went viral on social media, showing no one coming forward to prevent the civic volunteer from being inhumanly treated. There was a traffic guard office at a stone’s throw from the place where the incident took place. I am horrified at the incident, and at a loss for words. I feel sorry for the overall mental degradation of the city, once termed the ‘city of joy’.

Shovanlal Chakraborty

Kolkata, West Bengal

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