India is in a precarious condition. The Juggernaut of Hindutva inspired BJP government is moving fast. The promised dream of acche din is yet to be realised. Unemployment and inflation are taking their toll.

Muslims, the second largest segment of the country, are under continuous attacks and vilifications. Every week a new issue is being raked up by the ever active and always troublesome sangh parivar affiliates. They have a never ending divisive agenda of keeping the communal atmosphere hot. Hijab, Halal meat, loudspeakers, Azan, boycott of Muslim traders, ban on Muslims in temple melas, threat, intimidation, demonisation, calls for arming Hindus and preparing for massacres have become commonplace. These tactics have two objectives. One, to keep Muslims and other minorities and deprived classes under threat. And the other,  to divert attention of the masses from economic crisis, misgovernance and ever increasing unemployment and inflation. The latest inventions are Gyanvapi Masjid issue, Qutub Minar versus Vishnu Stambh, Taj Mahal versus Teju Mahalya, call for digging the earth below Delhi’s Jama Masjid. In fact, some 40 years back the fascists of India had written a book entitled, “Hindu Mosques”, giving a list of about 3,000 mosques which can be questioned by terming them as former temples or mosques built over abandoned temples or by using the material from decayed temples.

What should be the response of Muslim Ummah in India? Here we come across the advice from the Lord of the universe, Almighty Allah, which was revealed in Makkah during the most trying time for Muslims: “He is the Lord of the East and the West; there is no god but He. So take Him alone for your Guardian, and bear patiently the vain things they utter, and gracefully forsake them. Leave it to Me to deal with the affluent ones who give the lie (to the Truth), and bear with them for a while.” (Surah Muzammil, 73: 9-11)

These verses should be our guiding principle in the present turbulent time. They stipulate that first we should renew our commitment to Almighty Allah, Who is the Creator, Master, Nourisher, Sustainer and ruler of the whole mankind and the entire universe. We should fulfil our commitment of being the standard bearers of witnessing to one and all. We should become real well-wishers, helpers and servants of India. Remember that if we do our duty, Allah promises that He will fulfil His promise of help and success to us. Next thing in a nutshell is perseverance, steadfastness, devotion and commitment to this great task. It entails that we desist from loose talk and avoid unnecessary polemics and dictates. And finally we should maintain our dignified attitude and not indulge in provocative talks.

Besides this, let us learn to become the best Indians, true gentlemen, and sincere servants of our country. In addition we should aspire to become the most disciplined, educated, well mannered individuals and an ideal community, which earns to spend on others. Get strength to protect the weak and gain best political power to promote peace, justice and human values. This is the best recipe for our salvation and the salvation of Indian nation.

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