The USSR was founded in 1917 after Communist revolution. It was a revolt against the repressive monarchy and capitalism. In this process and during the Communist regime’s sway crores of people lost their lives. After talks of glasnost and perestroika in 1991 was born a truncated and smaller Russia. The then Russian leaders found the Communist system unworkable and unnatural. Many new countries emerged from the disintegration of the USSR. Among them Ukraine was the largest, most resourceful and the most powerful. Now its population is 43 million.

Russia’s President Vladmir Putin, a former KGB chief, has been nursing a dream of reestablishment of Russia with its former power and glory. He has been engaged in it as was seen during the last two decades in Crimea and several other former Russian states. Russian threats and encirclement and finally the all-out attack on Ukraine is the latest misadventure by Putin. It has disturbed the world geopolitics and economy in a very big way.

The USA and the western powers do not want to jump in the fray and have confined themselves to a discussion in UN Security Council and economic sanctions. It is the grace of God that the world is so greatly interdependent and economic concerns are so rampant that no big power wants to take the risk of a world war.

It is worrying that the citizens of Ukraine are badly suffering. The Ukraine President Zelenskyy should be saluted that he has accepted the Russian challenge with great courage and showed his resolve to fight to the last man. His words, in response to the US offer to take him out safely, that he requires ammunition to teach a lesson to the invader and not a ride to a safe haven would be written in golden letters in the history of self-defence and sacrifice to save the dignity and honour of a country.

In this dangerous crisis the Security Council has reached its utter inefficiency and failure. The US has also proved that it is a fair-weather friend and cannot be relied upon in a crisis. This underscores the fact that the so-called big powers are good for nothing and are self-centred, selfish and slaves of their narrow national interests.

Peace is disturbed, people are dying, leaders are ducking and some good hearted souls are demonstrating in the streets. Wait and see what shape the things take and pray for restoration of peace and prevalence of good sense.

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